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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hump Day Fun

It's hump day...woohoo!!!  This video never gets old...

....haha  I love it!  It's always a relief to be halfway to the weekend, don't you think??

I kicked off my Wednesday with a quick trip to the gym at 5:15 for 45 minutes on the elliptical.  I was finally awake enough by the time I got back home that I felt ready to tackle some weights while Mickey went for a run.  It felt great to get it out of the way.  I can really tell a difference when I get my workout done first thing...makes for a much better day.

This morning we had a little calm before the storm of produce day that is our Wednesday to play around the house.  The boys and I have been having fun with some crafts these days.  Check out one of our latest creations...

...we now save all egg cartons, paper towel rolls, etc...such hoarders, or cheapskates :-)  You want a new toy, boys??  Let's make one :-)

Once the produce was delivered and sorted, we had a little extra time to hit up Target for some necessities as well as some fun an Iced Americano...

...that I brought home with me to enjoy while watching my children play outside without sweating to death, finally! 

We made sure to burn off some energy with a little bike ride too... cute are they???  

A workout, fresh organic produce, a trip to Target, caffeine from Starbucks, and fresh air...I'd say our Wednesday got off to a FABULOUS start.  

I spend the entire produce pick-up window in the kitchen, since it's right inside my door and everyone's produce is on the dining room table.  Spending my afternoon in the kitchen always makes me want to bake and I gave in to the temptation today.  While the boys napped and I finished up the produce pick-ups, I also whipped up some pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies...

...they're like pumpkin pie and a chewy chocolate chip cookie all in one--DELISH!!  I used this recipe and subbed coconut oil for the butter, flaxseed for the eggs,  and maple syrup for the sugars.   I'll definitely be hanging on to this recipe.  Now I can't wait for the boys to get up and try them.  They're the true taste-testers.  

Since the rain blew over, it looks like story time tonight is a GO...yippee!  I put some new tunes on the playlist and I've got some great Halloween books to share with all my story time friends.  Hope we have a great turnout in the cooler weather.  I just might go all out and sip on a glass of wine in the courtyard when it's over...might as well since I seem to be throwing caution to the wind today, right??  You only live once :-)

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