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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Full Body Weights and Plyometrics Supersets

This morning I combined a couple of workouts and must say I was pretty impressed with the outcome.  I super-setted each weightlifting exercise with a plyometric exercise.  I did 4 rounds of each superset .  For the weightlifting exercises, I completed 15 reps for the first two rounds and 10 reps for the last two round. Plyometric moves were done for 20 seconds the first two rounds and 30 seconds the last two rounds.  Here's how I paired up my exercises:
  • jump ropes and sumo squats with dumbbell
  • high knees and flat bench chest presses
  • mountain climbers and dumbbell bent over rows
  • jumping jacks and overhead shoulder presses
  • plank jacks and zottoman curls
  • burpees and dumbbell deadlifts
  • jump squats and dumbbell pullovers
  • butt kicks and triceps kickbacks
I finished up the workout with 10 minutes on the elliptical and 100 squats with 15 pounds dumbbells.  SUCCESS!

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