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Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Life Is Not My Own...But It's Still A Lot of Fun

This post has taken me three days to finally life is not my own these days.  Haha!

We woke up to some gorgeous weather Tuesday morning.  I considered running to Story Time, but didn't figure everyone would appreciate a sweaty lady leading the show so we opted for a walk instead.  The fresh air was nice even if it came with a lower heart rate.  Our featured stories were...


I remember The Lady With The Alligator Purse from when I was little so it was fun to share it with my kids and their friends.  The Deep Blue Sea is a very simple book that helps to teach about colors.  We had some technical difficulties AGAIN with our music so I am in the process of trying to come up with a solution.  Here's to hoping we've got the glitches worked out by next week.

We had a fun play date after story time with a few of our story time friends.  I love our small little town and the friendships that are developing out of events that are available to all of us moms of little ones.  It's so fun to watch them all growing up together and to have people to relate to along the way.

Meal times are quite the adventure these days.  Tuesday's lunch took us over an hour to finish.  Colton, my little eater, devoured his food in no time, but Mason needed more time to warm up to the idea of eating his food and deciding on his plan of attack.  He's a VERY particular boy.  First, he needed his airplane to watch him...then he needed his chair in just the right spot...after that he changed his mind at least 4 different times about what he wanted to eat.  He finally decided he wanted noodles, but of course not the ones I gave him, and he finally decided on a peanut butter sandwich instead...apparently I made it wrong, so he decided to scrape of all the peanut butter with his spoon and eat it plain before he rolled up the bread to eat it like a "tacquito"...his words!  He remembered that from WEEKS ago.  They both ate more than their fair share of pirate's booty too.  I can't blame them--that stuff is good!  As usual, Colton was trying to get his hands on everything Mason decided he didn't want.  I think he ate twice as much as Mason...and he's already the bigger of the two.  Maybe Mason will surprise me and be the bigger eater at dinner tonight.  They definitely know how to keep me guessing.  At least they both ended up eating and now are FINALLY sleeping quietly after playing for at least an hour in their beds.  I really am learning to just go with the flow with these two little guys.  

I put off getting out in the yard to trim some overgrown bushes but finally got my butt in gear and got out there to get it done.  It does feel nice to finally check that chore off my to-do list until everything grows back...sooner than I'd hope I'm sure.  At least these little guys are easy to take care of...

I'm looking forward to some pretty sunflowers and some spaghetti squash thanks to the boys little project.  They made that cute sign for me at the gym too.  We seriously have the BEST gym!

We were able to squeeze in a quick trip to the gym last night too.  I was due for a good back and biceps workout and even got to zone out on the elliptical for a bit as I finished my book...

It's definitely a MUST READ!  I loved it!!!

On our way home we swung by the Fresh Market for some Tuesday deals...

Though not everything at The Fresh Market is a deal, you can get some great bargains if you shop on the right days for the right things.  They have a FABULOUS meat and seafood department.  I also scored this yummy treat...

I love my kombucha!  This one was only $2...a steal in Kombucha world.

We came home to an easy dinner I prepped earlier in the day--chicken caesar salads, made using this dressing recipe. I've never met a recipe from SkinnyTaste I didn't like, including this one.   It ended up being a pretty fabulous day.  

Yesterday started off with FABULOUSLY long chat with Mickey.  After that, we geared up for a trip to The Loggerhead Marinelife Center for their story time.  The boys weren't too interested in the story time but they sure did get a kick out the turtles and the play area...

That place needs to be on our monthly rotation.  We survived the whole outing with NO STROLLER...just holding hands and doing good listening.  The boys are growing up so fast!!

On our way home, we swung by the gym for  a legs workout.  I'm slowly working my way to loving legs day.  I am definitely hooked on the weight room and have to make myself throw in a little cardio....quite the opposite of how I used to be.  Gotta do what keeps my interest and for now it's pumping iron.  

The rest of our day was spent doing normal stuff...a trip to the store, a wagon walk, and lots of eating and playing.  Oh, and we had some real action with the potties yesterday but the boys also had some fun with them too...

They are such goofballs!!!   

Now, call me crazy, but I'm hoping they wake up soon so we can get in a run before it gets hot out there.  It's produce day and soon this day will not be my own either.  I wouldn't have it any other way...  Life is good!  What blessing those two little goofballs are.


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