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Friday, May 10, 2013

Morning Runs Are the BEST!

Yesterday, we kicked off our day with a run.  Thank goodness for a running date with a friend to get me out the door and for chatting with me the whole time to help the 6+ mile run fly by.  It's nice to be able to chat with a friend AND get a workout in at the same time once in a while.  The boys were great company too...

Colton's ready to party but Mason's still waking up.  Haha!

There's something about starting your day with an early morning run that just helps the rest of the day to go better.  We had a fun, productive day after getting that run in.

After breakfast and a shower, our next stop was Publix...

Like Mickey said, the boys are going to have their drivers licenses before we know it.  Watch out!!  

Shopping was definitely a pleasure at Publix.  We love it there...cookies, balloons, good deals...what's not to love??  

We got home just in time for a special delivery...

15 bottles of yummy red wine delivered straight to my doorstep is definitely a cause for celebration.  The boys did a little happy dance on top of the box.  Who can blame them??  When I opened up the box to put the wine away, they said "Look, Mom!  Lots of red juice!!"  Yes, son, that is indeed a lot of delicious red juice!  I think I'll be saving it all to share with a certain someone this fall...not all in one sitting of course.  Can't wait!!

The box gave the boys lots of entertainment while I did my Thursday thing of sorting yummy organic 
 fruits and veggies.

We got another GIANT pineapple I can't wait to cut into and I finally got smart and ordered a different combination of shares to get us extra berries.  Hopefully our stash last will at least last us through the weekend.  We sure do love our strawberries around here.  YUM!!!  I'm excited to make another batch of zucchini enchiladas with my zucchini too.  My plan is to add chicken to the mix this time and leave out most of the cheese to amp up the protein and cut back on the dairy.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  

We had some good friends over for dinner last night and I tried out this recipe for chipotle sweet potato black bean burgers.  I thought they were really yummy.  They were a little mushier than I would have liked but the flavor was great.  Maybe I need to dry the beans after rinsing them next time???

Thank God for friends who put up with my quirks and hold me accountable.  I treasure friends who help me to be myself...friends who are EASY to be friends with.  I am learning what a blessing true friends are.  Good friends are HARD to find and I'm so blessed by the friendships in my life, especially in my life as a mom.

Last night, while eating dinner, we got to talking about fat loss and how there seems to be a different equation that works for each person trying to achieve it.  I told her about a book I've been reading that's been really intriguing to me along those lines...

As someone who's trying to find a healthier workout/eating/rest balance, this book peaked my interest.  After being pregnant with and nursing twins, I was able to be an eating machine.  While nursing I could eat ANYTHING and still lose weight.  Now that I've stopped, I'm having a more difficult time remembering what it's like to eat "normally" for an active person.  I'm also trying to adjust my diet to meet the needs of my weight-training body since that has been more of my focus lately.  The information in this book, combined with the knowledge from my fitness nutrition class has been helping me learn some things about myself as I slowly tweak things to try to figure out what works for me.  It's really an interesting, and sometimes frustrating, process.  Not enough protein -- too hungry.  Too much fiber -- you can guess.  Waiting to long to eat -- poor choices made out of hunger.  Lots of snacks in the house -- poor self-control.  I'm a work in progress... 

I'm always intrigued by the people who say they can go all day without eating.  I feel like all I want to do all day is eat sometimes.  I used to work with a lady who would forget to eat.  I'm the type of person who's thinking about what I'm going to have for dinner while I eat my lunch.  Some people struggle with limiting salty foods, and others, like me, have a weakness for sweets.  Some people feel better when they eliminate meat and seafood from their diet whereas I feel so much better when it is part of my diet.  We're all so different!  I think it's pretty interesting stuff.

I stumbled across this interesting article on thier facebook page this morning to add to the interesting factor.  It talks about the differences between males and females.  This article linked from Peak313, a favorite fitness-minded blog of mine, also caught my attention.  No wonder this has been on my brain so much seems to be everywhere I turn.  

Enough food talk!

Today's plan is to hit the gym for an upper body workout and a little time on the elliptical.  Then we have a play date with a friend before lunch and nap time.  Who knows what the post naptime will bring...hopefully something fun.  I hear my munchkins calling...

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