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Monday, May 6, 2013

Living Life

Phew!  We survived the weekend!!  One more weekend closer to not doing it alone...I can't wait!  Before I forget, I stayed awake Saturday night for the entire showing of...

It was FANTASTIC!!!  If you haven't seen it (and I can't believe it took me SOOOO long) be sure to watch it ASAP!!  I'm thinking I want the soundtrack.  It had some GREAT music!

We kicked off Sunday morning with church.  The pastor talked about the dangers of sin, how we always get in deeper than we planned, it costs us more than we planned on, and we always spend more time and energy there than we ever intended.  SOOO true!  Sin is one heck of a slippery slope.  Thank God, literally, that he has the power to help us escape sin and forgives us when we do.  What would we do without him???  It wouldn't be pretty, I know that much!

After church, we headed home to play outside.  It was GORGEOUS and I couldn't convince the boys to come inside for a nap but I could convince them to climb in the stroller, where I knew they would fall asleep for sure, and we took a LOOOOONG walk out to the beach.  

The views from these bridges never get old...though I must say they're much more enjoyable and appreciated when I'm walking rather than running.  

Our destination...

We only stayed long enough to breathe in the salty air a few times before continuing our journey since the boys were still sleeping.  They did wake up on the way home, though, so we stopped at a park along the way so they could stretch their legs a bit...

They're all about the climbing walls these days...

The wiggly bridge was pretty exciting too!!

Don't forget to jump off the step at the end...

They played their little hearts out and I had fun watching them.  They get more and more adventurous each time we visit a park.  I'm in for a wild ride as they get older I'm sure.  After all that walking and playing, we had a pretty mellow night at home and all ended up going to bed pretty early.  Fine by me!

Today's Monday which means play group time for the boys and "me time" for me.  The boys made these lovely decorations for me...

...while I ran the bridge ALONE before parking myself on the sand with my kindle...

It was a lovely morning!!  

This song came on just as I headed out on my run.  I love James Morrison and listen to his music from time to time, but I don't think I'd ever really paid attention to the lyrics of this song before.  Take a listen...

If I knew yesterday what I know today
Where would I be tomorrow
I won’t let my soul slide away
I’d do whatever it takes
Coz this time’s only borrowed

I got one life, one life, one life
And I’m gonna live it
I got one life, one life, one life
And I’m gonna live it right

It really got me thinking while I ran.  Get out there and live your life--LIVE IT RIGHT!!!  Don't sweat the small stuff.  Love the people you've got in your life and don't ever take them for granted.  In fact, don't take anything for granted.  It's all a gift from God... and God is GOOD!

After the beach, I picked up the boys and we devoured some leftovers before nap time.  I'm hoping to get the boys outside for some fresh air after their naps so I made dinner very early we just have to reheat it when we get hungry.   While the boys snoozed, I also had time to squeeze in a chest, triceps and shoulders workout today that has my arms still shaking.  It was similar to this one...

I just skipped the cardio portions of this one since I had already gotten my cardio in for the day.  I love that upper body burn!!  

I hear the boys calling...back to work!!! 

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