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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Confidence Boost I Needed

I can't imagine a better way to start my day than with this...

which led to this...

I REALLY needed this run to boost my confidence.  I have been getting really discouraged lately with my runs and was starting to question whether I was making any progress at all.  This training for a PR is much harder than training for fun.  I'm not sure I'm enjoying it as much as when I used to train to just finish but I know I will enjoy crossing the finish line with hopefully a significantly faster time will make up for all my frustrations along the way.  

I stuck to a easy pace and didn't have to take ANY walk breaks, which was a huge relief after last week's 9 mile run where I think I walked at least 5 times.  I hit the 10 mile mark and felt so great that I decided to tack on another 3 just for the confidence boost.  I won't run 13 again until the race on October 28 when I will be finally running stroller-free again.  I hope I feel like I can run like the wind and get that PR I've been working SO hard for.  

Check out the view I got to enjoy this morning as the sun came up:

Sorry for the blurriness...I told you I didn't take any walk breaks.  I'm so neurotic I couldn't even stop to take this photo.  Crazy, I know!  This boardwalk, although it's short, is one of my favorite places to run.  It is always so beautiful and tends to get a great breeze.

With that behind me, I'm spending the rest of the day hanging with my little men.  I think a visit to the fountains is in our future...and another one of those pumpkin smoothies from yesterday.  I can't stop thinking about how delicious it was.  Maybe I'll enjoy it with a side of pumpkin granola.  You can never have too much pumpkin, can you?  Make it a great day!

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