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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Run, Office Shoes, Story Time, and Some Birthday Party Fun

We've had a very "go with the flow" kind of week and it's turned out surprisingly well...much to my surprise.  Love those pleasant surprises!

Tuesday night we took a walk downtown for some family time.  Colton surprised us by running most of the way back home, with a few stops to hide so he could just out to surprise Mason and I.   It was ADORABLE!  

I better find a race to sign him up for soon!  He's got some ENERGY!!

We finally got our new shoes for Abigail and Scott's wedding.  The boys say they make them look like they're going to work at the office...

...they also say they're going to make great dancing shoes.  Love it!!

Wednesday was a lovely day for produce and story time.  Our featured stories were... was a "Mommy loves you" theme.  :-)

We got to hang out with a friend of ours who looks like she could be the boys sister.  Don't they look like they could be triplets???

Today was another fun birthday party day with a lion theme... huh??  I think if you ask the boys, their favorite thing was the blower thing...

too funny!  They've been playing with them ALL day!  

After the party, we had some time to kill and needed to burn off some energy so we took advantage of a dead end in town to ride around on our scooters... was fantastic and we will definitely be back for more scooter fun soon.   Glad we got that in before the rain started.  Looks like we'll be hunkering down for the rest of the day.

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