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Monday, May 19, 2014

Fast Boats and Other Fun in the Sun

One of these days, we'll figure out how to have less jam-packed weekends, but for now, busy seems to be the method that's working for us.  It usually results in really good naps too...

...I'd say that's an excellent bonus on a busy day :-)  

Our weekend kicked off with a little fundraising event on Friday night.  I volunteered to work at the Golf For Life Event at Carsons Tavern and had fun selling helicopter ball drop chances.  It was fun to be a part of such a great group of people supporting a very worthy cause.

Our Saturday included a few early morning errands before heading out to the Sailfish Regatta.  We're lucky and live close enough that I just ran there with the boys with the stroller...hence the little snooze pictured above :-)  It was a windy day at the races but we had a GREAT time watching the fast boats from the top of the bridge with our good friends Tom and Sheryl. 

Can you say windblown?? Haha!

All the cranes, boats, and views from the top of the bridge made for some great entertainment...

I'm not gonna lie...I definitely experiences some heart palpitations letting my boys get so close to those railings.  This momma doesn't love heights...

Fun times in Stuart for sure!!

We also hit up the library for Dia De Los Libros on our way home from the races.  What a fun event!  I love our library system and am looking forward to all the fun, FREE offerings this summer, especially the science stuff.  How cool!!

We spent the rest of our evening close to home, with taco and movie night once Mickey was back home.  It was a FUN day!

Sunday morning got off to a little bit of a slower start but I did manage to squeeze in my 21 Day Fix workouts (I had to double up after taking Saturday off...whoopsies!) 

I'll be honest...I love the workouts but am not a fan of the eating plan and as a result have done a terrible job of sticking to it.  Too much measures, counting, color coding, etc....I like the whole 30 SOOOOOOOO much more.  Protein, veggies, fruits, fats, 3 meals a day...EASY!  The one thing I've picked up that will be sticking around as long as I can afford it is the Shakeology.  I finally gave it a try and have made it my new breakfast of choice.  It's definitely a winner!!

Anyways, with the workout out of the way, it was time to headed to the water park for some more fun in the sun... 

These two are really coming around with their love for the water...slowly but surely we're making some progress.  It's fun to watch!

We made sure to get in some snuggles too... 

I sure do love my silly boys!!

We squeezed in some errands after the water park and then spent the rest of the day outside.  The boys took a long bike ride to feed the ducks and turtles AND ride through what they call the "tree tunnel."  It sure is peaceful in there...and so much cooler too :-)  If only all of our streets were that shady :-) 

Before we knew it, Mickey was home and it was time to wrap up the day.  It was a fun weekend for sure.

Mickey's car is in the shop this week which means we get to take him to work each day...which means we're up and out there door at 8...which means early morning trips to the park... 

Today the boys loaded up all their gear in the truck and said they were ready for vacation.  Cuties!!

They also had fun playing with their trucks without any chance of another kid trying to swipe one since we were the only ones at the park that early in the day....'s the little things :-)  

The boys spent the rest of their morning with their friends at their playgroup while I joined a friend for a walk, got a car wash, made some soup, finished the rest of my audible book...

(I recommend it by the way ;-)) AND I still had time to squeeze in a quick, VERY SWEATY run.   Summer heat is here folks...time to switch back to early morning runs or forget about it.  Bummer!

Thankfully, the rest of our day is appointment-free.  Time to clean the bathrooms and take a shower before the sillies wake up from their nap.  Maybe I'll even have time to tackle some of my other book...

I'm about 1/4 of the way done with it, and as usual, at least so far, Adriana Trigiani doesn't disappoint.  

Happy Monday!!!

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