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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trying to Be An Early Morning Person Again...

I'm on day 2 of my getting up early far so good, but I was already a little sluggish today.  Gotta find a way to get to bed earlier if I want this routine to stick...I'd really love to be an early morning person again.

It feels great to get my workout done first thing.  Yesterday's early morning workout consisted of an easy 6 mile run with a pal... was slow, it was easy, we chatted away the whole time, we got to watch the sun come up and run along the water, AND I was home again by 7:30...I's say that's a perfect way to kick off a Monday. 

 Today's workout kept me in the comfort of my own home.  After half a cup of coffee, I hit up the living room for some Shaun T T25.  Today I tackled the alpha cardio workout and the stretch workout...

...once again, a great way to start the day.

The boys thought starting their day with some pirate swords, pirate hats and halloween shirts was the perfect way to start their day...

...I think I agree!!

After a shower and breakfast, it was time to head off to Story time.  Today's features were...


Both have great rhymes and fun story lines.  The cooler weather made for a much more enjoyable morning as well.  Looking forward to some beautiful fall story times...keep an eye out for some good Halloween books for toddlers.  

Colton found a friend this morning at Story Time...

...he loves babies!

A big thank you to "Aunt" Sheryl too for helping me keep an eye on the boys.  An extra set of eyes to watch my boys is ALWAYS welcome at Story Time.

Our next stop was story time, and since we were a little early, we had time to get some swinging in... class and swings at the same place?!  Doesn't get much better than that...another reason we love Miss Rabe!

We finished up our morning with a stop at the Fresh Market to visit the lobsters before stocking up on chicken...

...tough to beat the price for their delicious chicken.  We'll probably be hitting them up every Tuesday this month...maybe every Friday too since coffee and cod are on sale then.  Check out their deals here.  I see Fish Fridays in our future :-)

I spent nap time cleaning and now the boys are much for some down time.  I'm thinking its time to head outside for some more fresh air.  Have a lovely Tuesday :-)

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