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Friday, August 16, 2013

Preschool Praise and Chocolate

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day and I'm not sorry that it's behind us...crabby boys, crazy produce day, rain, forgotten phone calls, you know, the works.  I'm thankful things are looking up today.  

We kicked off our morning with some playtime ...

and some Preschool Praise...

...we hadn't been in forever and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  What's not to love about playtime and music??!!

While we were out and about, I decided we might as well tackle some errands including a quick stop at the gym for a little over 7 miles on the dreadmill....I mean treadmill.  One hour of cardio...check!! I finally remembered my headphones and being able to watch Rachael Ray and the news, which I NEVER watch these days, helped the time pass a little bit better.  It was definitely better than running in 90+ degree weather.  I'm SO thankful for my gym membership which includes childcare...good for all of us!!

I had a empty bag of starbucks coffee beans, which is like a coupon for a free tall coffee, so we stopped and picked up an icy jolt of caffeine for me and some chocolate milk for the boys before we headed home for the day...

...we love Starbucks!  Just wish it was a little more budget friendly.  

Speaking of chocolate, we've been digging these yummy treats we found at Target... well as guacamole made from our abundance of avocados compliments of Annie's Organic Buying club... least my finicky eaters haven't given up all the things they used to love.  They keep me guessing, that's for sure!

Once I get the vacuuming done, the rest of our day is dedicated to relaxation, hopefully including a dip in the pool and some reading and puzzles with the boys.  I'm hoping for an early bedtime for the boys so I can fit in time to watch the movie I grabbed from Redbox with my 50 cents off coupon today...

I hope it lives up to the hype.  I may or may not enjoy a glass or two of wine while I watch it.  It's the weekend after all, right?  Happy Weekend!!!!

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