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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Sweaty Mess

It's 3:00 and I have yet to shower....yuck!!  I earned every bit of this stinky body with a fantastic morning.  We kicked off our morning with a chat with Mickey while we ate our breakfast.  Then we were off to tackle the morning.

Our first stop was the gym where I got in a fantastic workout using the treadmill and a pair of 20# dumbbells. I started off with a one mile run to get warmed up before alternating one minute of running with 30 seconds of a lower body exercise til the clock on the treadmill said I had completed 45 minutes of exercise.  My lower body exercises included the following:

  • squats
  • deadlifts
  • lunges
  • curtsey lunges
  • weighted jacks
I think I got in 4 rounds of each exercise...I lost count.  Woops!  It was a fantastic workout that kept my heart rate up, kept me from getting bored, and left me a sweaty mess.  I'd call that a success!!

After the gym, we met up with a friend at the park for a play date... had been a LOOOOOONG time since we'd seen our friends and it was great to catch up.  Can you tell it was HOT outside??  

Next, we took our sweaty selves to the library to grab some books I needed for story time tonight.  We took advantage of the A/C and browsed a bit while we were there.  We love the library!!

Our last stop of the morning was to Kohls for a return.  The boys were quite helpful with the shopping cart...

...I had no luck there on my dress finding mission.  I am on the lookout for the perfect "welcome home"  dress and am having ZERO luck!  I need a personal's just not my strong suit.  Grocery shopping  I can do, but clothes shopping never seems to go my way.  Oh well...

We returned home with growling bellies and filled them quickly with a yummy lunch...

I finally made zucchini noodles and I gotta say, I'm hooked!!!  There's no guilt in that bowl but it sure is full of nutrition.  I love my new julienne peeler which made it a breeze to prepare.  I'll try my next batch with some marinara sauce.  YUM!!

Looking forward to seeing all my story time friends tonight.  We sure wouldn't mind a nice breeze to help cool us off a bit while we dance around.  One can hope, right??  

I'm off to shower FINALLY!!!  Yippee!

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