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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Story Time and A Field Trip

We survived our first full day without our extended family.  My book club meeting that was scheduled for last night got postponed, but my friend still allowed me to take advantage of her wonderful babysitting services so I could tackle some errands...I only ended up tackling a trip to Target since I ended up browsing the clearance stuff all over the was nice to be able to browse all alone.  Too bad none of the clothes I tried on fit me right.  I did get some diapers and groceries though, which seems to be all shop for these days, oh, and I did score some new shorts from the clearance rack for the boys. We finished up our evening with a short little jog and dinner before calling it a day.  I fell asleep within seconds after crawling into bed.

This morning kicked off with a quick Shaun T cardio workout (I'm trying to make up for my slacking off over the last month) before our usual Tuesday morning routine of scrambling out the door to get to story time at Blue Door.  Today's featured stories were...

 Denise Fleming has some great illustrations and simple stories that the children loved.

After story time, we headed down the road to visit the River Center in Jupiter.  I can't believe this is the first time we've gone.  It was fantastic!  100% toddler friendly and fun...

This little guy was SOOO much fun!  We thought he was a grouper but ended up finding out he was from the piraña family but had been hand fed by a previous owner and was therefore super interactive.  We spent lots of time with him.

This is where we spent most of the rest of our time there.  This aquarium was huge and full of fun stuff like this...

...and this...

Cool huh???  The boys were mesmerized!

We also had fun going through the hands-on stuff in the drawers...learning about life cycles and studying specimens.  Usual toddler stuff, right???  

We will definitely be visiting that place again sometime.  We didn't even do the touch tank...more to look forward to next time, right??

On our drive home, we stopped by Sandsprit park.  It was pretty hot on the playground...

Can you guess who's who??  Even harder with the sunglasses, huh??

We ended up taking a walk along the water where the breeze was better and we could look at the boats (and the sad, polluted water...but that's a whole other story)...

These little boogers are so much must be so cool to be a twin.

Best buds for life!!!

We just fed our growling bellies and now it's nap time/chore time in Plankerville.  Time to tackle a couple tasks I've been avoiding for a while.  I'm gonna continue to avoid the yard for another day or two's not going anywhere.  

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