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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Playing Around and Finally, Some Energy

We made it to the Fresh Market in time to score some cheap ground beef last night but they were all out of the bacon...good thing they run the special every Tuesday this month.  Gotta get there earlier next week.  I got lazy and decided to cash in a coupon for a free burrito at Moes rather than cooking last night and ended up wishing I would have just made my own dinner....GRRRR!

I got corn salsa on my naked burrito and then started wondering about it on the way home, thinking maybe it was considered a grain, and therefore off limits on my whole30 experiment.  My hunch was right, and I had to pick all the corn off my chicken, avocado, and veggies....Major Pain!!!  It was pretty yummy, regardless. 

Before...                                                 and After...

Almost a member of the clean plate club...something I'm getting pretty darn good at these days.  Being the volume eater that I am, this plan is working well in that department.  

I played around with making a couple of condiments in the kitchen yesterday and am pretty happy with the results.  After looking for a chocolate sauce without high fructose corn syrup and failing miserably, I ended up making my own using a recipe Mickey tracked down at The Gracious Pantry.  

It was SUPER easy.  Just combine 1 cup coconut sugar (could sub honey), 1 cup cocoa powder, 1 cup water, and a splash of vanilla and simmer over low heat til a sauce develops.  Then, just store in the fridge and use as you would any other chocolate syrup.  I didn't taste it, since sugar is off limits on my plan but it got a thumbs up from the boys in their afternoon chocolate milk, which we make with almond milk.  

I enjoyed this instead...'s pricey stuff, but not as pricey as the adult beverages I'm abstaining from this month so I can justify it...and it's YUMMY!  I can't decide which is better, the ginger or the cranberry flavor...might have to do another taste test just to see. :)

I also made some Whole30 friendly ketchup.  Of course it's not as good as the real deal, but a good-enough substitute for me...not sure I'm gonna convince the boys to make the switch.  I do at least make sure their version doesn't have high fructose corn syrup in it.

We're gonna try it out on some sweet potato fries tonight along side some chipotle burgers I have prepped using the cheap ground sirloin from the Fresh Market yesterday (I ditched my original meatloaf idea when I realized it would mean another trip to the store...lazy!)  We'll be enjoying them bun-free of course.  :-) I used this recipe and subbed chipotle peppers for the jalepenos since I'm hoping for a smokier flavor.  It's a super-simple recipe and I hope it's yummy.  

The boys had fun playing with the mardi gras beads alongside me...
When I tell them to make a happy face, they stick their tongues out...silly boys!

I called it a night after my playtime in the kitchen and slept like a rock until the boys woke me up at 6:45.  Woops!  So much for getting up before them.  We hit the floor running and thanks to some already prepped veggies, breakfast came together in a flash.

Whole30 day 9 kicked off with two fried eggs and some egg whites on top of steamed collards and broccoli reheated with olive oil with a side of spicy avocado sauce and strawberries...and coffee with coconut milk, of course.

Our next order of business for the day was a stop by the gym for an upper body workout and a quick round on the elliptical.  I finally had some good energy today and put it into a fantastic workout...

I did 3 sets of each superset.  It felt great to feel energetic again.

We ran a couple errands quickly before heading home to meet some friends for a swimming play date.  They came bearing this awesome box-fort which the boys haven't stopped playing with since they left...
...if you ever have any giant boxes you're not sure what to do with, you can send them our way.  We LOVE them!

I was ravenous by the time lunch rolled around.  I had already snacked on some almonds and then polished off this salad...

...of mixed greens, avocado, strawberries, turkey sausage, and balsamic vinegar.  I also had some leftover cauliflower and the boys' rejected mango.  Hunger satisfied, finally!

Time to catch up on my bible study since I didn't get to it this morning and maybe catch another 20 minutes or so of the Bachelorette since I didn't get to all of it yesterday.  Why does that show have to be so darn long???  

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