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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Busy Mornings and Mellow Afternoons

Busy mornings and mellow afternoons seem to be our style these days.  Works for me...especially when it seems to rain most afternoons around here anyways.  We didn't do anything particularly interesting and even dinner was pretty unremarkable but it was stress-free and easy and when that's the case, you'll hear no complaints from me.  Sometimes, coloring, books, puzzles, playdoh, trains, and leftovers for dinner...

...are just what the doctor ordered.  That broccoli soup is finally gone.  It was good, but I was tired of it.   I've got to learn to cut recipes in half.

I tried to stay awake for the bachelorette but ended up falling asleep on the couch...maybe I'll have time to get myself back up to speed with the ABC app this afternoon while I fold some laundry.  Did I miss anything exciting??

Early bedtimes for all of us meant we were up and at 'em especially early this morning.  I took advantage of it and squeezed in a pretty pathetic 3 mile run before story time with the boys.  I had hoped for 4 but just wasn't feeling it.  Oh well!  At least I logged a couple more miles walking to and from story time this morning.  I'm still waiting for the "tiger energy" that's supposed to be coming from this Whole30 experiment.  Other than the lack of energy with my workouts, I'm feeling fantastic on this plan.  I'm trusting the book and all the people who've already completed it that it's only a matter of time until it returns...hope they're right.

On our run, the boys made me stop at every construction truck they saw...if we're gonna stop, we might as well take a picture, right??

Boys and trucks...what's the draw??  Easy entertainment I guess.

I had time for a shower and this giant breakfast to kick off day 8 of my whole30 experiment before hitting the road for story time...

Eggs scrambled with kale, garlic and jalepenos, a leftover salmon cake, and some raspberries...and some coffee with coconut milk on the side, of course.  Try it, its yummy, dairy-free, and full of healthy fats!

We had a packed house at story time this morning, which always makes me very happy.  Today's features were...


I'm really loving the rhyming stories by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker lately and have some other good ones coming up to share with everyone.  They're fun and and informative.  The illustrations are great too.  Red Light, Green Light had some great rhymes too... a story time MUST in my opinion.

It was HOT out there, so an iced americano made by the lovely Abby, the best barista in town, hit the spot when we were done.  A touch of cinnamon might be my new addiction...since I'm no longer doing the cream or soy thing.  Thanks for the idea!!

We had a fun play date with some friends for a bit after story time which is always a fabulous way to spend the morning.  Social time for me + play time for the boys = One happy family.  The boys were SO sweaty and dirty when we got home that we decided to do early less thing to tackle tonight.  Might become a new routine...I kind of liked it.

I let the boys cool down and watch their favorite show for a bit while I vacuumed the filthy floors.  They LOVE Max and Ruby...

I was getting so much accomplished I actually let them watch it for 45 minutes...vacuuming, a quickie legs workout, lunch prep, and the start of some laundry all got checked off the to-do list.  A little tv does us all good once in a while...right??

Lunch was pretty unimaginative but it filled my belly and tasted yummy...

Mixed greens topped with tomato, 1/2 an avocado, grilled turkey sausage, and lots of balsamic with a side of mango and raspberries.  I also ate a few cashews...the boys and my new snack addiction. 

We're hoping to make it by the Fresh Market sometime before they close for some beef and bacon, for the boys...YUM!  Too bad its a couple more weeks til I can eat some uncured bacon...I'll be sure to get some at the end of the month to freeze for later :-)

Time to get some laundry folder and indulge in the bachelorette for  bit.  Happy Tuesday!!

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