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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Passing the Time

It's Wednesday!  We made it to the hump and still have smiles on our faces :-)  We're another day closer to life returning to "normal"...whatever that is haha.

After the last couple of days we've had, this lovely glass of wine was just what the doctor ordered last night...

The chicken and homemade bread I made last night made the night a little sweeter too...

That bread might not be much to look at, but it sure was yummy and devoured by the boys.  I used a tried and true recipe from Budget Bytes.  It's super simple and always comes out yummy.  I normally make it in my loaf pan but wanted to try out more of a baguette shape...I have some work to do :-)  
That chicken is the lovely BOGO chicken from Fresh Market--hormone and antibiotic free, dusted with a yummy bbq rub.  YUM!  That store has definitely spoiled me in the meat department.  

I tried to make the boys some flourless oatmeal cookies, but as I should have guessed, they didn't turn out so well...darn you chocolate covered katie.  You got my hopes up!

They turned into a crumbly mess when I took them off the pan. I used good ingredients and I'd hate to throw them away...I'm thinking they might be yummy sprinkled on top of some yogurt like granola.

This morning kicked off with a pretty lazy start before we motivated ourselves to get out the door and off to the gym.  I had to drag myself in there but once I got moving, I was glad I was there.  Today's workout looked like this...

I threw in some time on the elliptical for good measure.  

After the gym, we hit up the park with some friends.  I'm learning that we're all better off if we can just keep ourselves relatively busy with at least one kid-oriented outing a day.  It definitely helps to pass the time and keeps us all from getting to crabby.  The boys still aren't too excited about swimming...swimming lessons scarred them...but we did get them to warm up to playing on the "beach" with some toys...

Thankfully our friends brought some toys and were willing to share with us.  I've got to do a better job of remembering to pack "gear" for our outings.  I was pretty proud of myself for getting us home in just the knick of time.  We literally walked in the door as the torrential downpour hit our yard.  God was on our side this morning.  I'd say it was a successful morning!

Now the boys are sleeping soundly, exhausted from a busy morning of play.  It's haircut time when they wake up...they're way past due.  In the mean time, I think I'm gonna get some reading done.  The book of the moment is ....'s a super-easy read that's keeping me entertained...makes it a winner these days.  

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