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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nothing Like A Facial With Friends To Jumpstart Your Day

Happy May!  Can you believe we're already this far into the year??  CRAZY! The boys and I kicked off the month with a trip to MOPS this morning where the boys made me these lovely flowers...

...while I made myself beautiful.  Apparently someone thought it would be funny to document it...

Having it posted on Facebook reminded me of just how far I've come since middle school.  I would have been COMPLETELY embarrassed by this in my teenage years but now it just cracks me I must say my face felt good after our little pampering session...and it was fun to catch up with friends during the process.  

With my freshly pampered face, I decided to hit the gym for a good sweat session...makes sense, right? I know I'm weird...oh well!  I was feeling pretty spacey and distracted today so I figured fast moving circuits might help whip me back into shape.  I think it helped at least.  Today's workout focused on back and biceps and looked like this....

Thank goodness I have some friends who work at the gym and one of them was able to help me get my kids to the car since they were completely out of sorts as we were leaving.  I guess they're going through Aunt Abigail withdrawals too.  We're almost 3 hours into nap time so I'm thinking they might have had a restless night of sleep just like I did last night.  I hope they wake up refreshed...fingers crossed!  

At least I've been able to be productive during their super-long sleep session...I cleaned my car, cleaned the bathrooms, did a meal plan for the week, and even goofed off on Facebook a bit.  It looks like I may even be able to finish this post before they wake up.  There's a serious storm a-brewing outside so I'm thinking we might have to forgo our orignal plan for a wagon walk before dinner and make some mothers day cards instead.    How cute is this simple idea??

Gotta love pinterest!  

The boys have really been into tracing their hands lately so I think they'll get a kick out of helping with it.  

I'm looking forward to some more time with my kindle tonight.  If you like memoirs, you've got to read Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  I can't imagine doing what she did but I love reading about her experience.   I can't imagine she looked this good on the Pacific Coast  It does make me want to hike just a part of that ridiculously long trail.  Check her story out!!!

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