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Friday, May 17, 2013

Fun, Friends, Fresh Air, and A Fantastic Lower Body Workout

We've had a fun, low-key couple of days...ok by me! We kicked off our Thursday bright and early with our running buddies and covered 6 sluggish miles before calling it quits.  I'm always happy when I get my runs in, but that one was a little torturous.  We were both happy to get it over with.

We followed up the run with some food and play time at home.  The boys thought it was so funny to be eating cheese when I told them to say "cheese"...

Mason put a lot of effort into building a tall tower and protecting it from Colton's destructive tendencies...

He was very proud of his hard work.  Mason has some serious determination and kept at it despite Colton knocking it over several times...of course not without a few tears.  You can even see Colton's hand going for it in the picture at the left.  He was very determined knock it down.

Yesterday was a produce day and we got another yummy pineapple to enjoy.  The peaches are PHENOMENAL too.  Lucky us!

The boys got to have a little play date yesterday afternoon while I got to indulge in some adult conversation while enjoying some decadent chocolate cake compliments of the kiddos mommy.  YUM!

How cute are they???

It was GORGEOUS outside yesterday so we finished up our day with a wagon walk and swung by the pond to see if any birds or ducks were enjoying the beautiful evening as well.  

I'm a lucky mommy to be able to call these two my own...even when they whine for most of the ride because they don't want to share the toys they brought along for the ride.  Lesson learne--next time we're not bringing toys along.  Instead, we'll let nature and passing vehicles be our entertainment. 

Today started off nice and early again with a FaceTime chat with the man in our lives before eating breakfast and heading off to the library for some fun with Miss Lisa and the Family Place.  The boys were really digging the coloring this morning...

When they got tired of coloring, the spent the rest of their time exploring the toys, mostly the baby ones, silly boys.  I guess they miss them...

Our next stop was the gym for a fabulous leg work-out.  I was due and it felt good to get it done.  My workout looked like this...

I rounded out my workout with 15 FAST minutes on the elliptical and a lesson on how to do turkish new challenge.  Check out what they look like...

If you go on you-tube, you can see some women lifting some SERIOUS weight with perfect form.  I'm not close to being there yet but it's pretty inspiring.  My next exercise to tackle is the pull-up.  I'm working my way there...I want to make sure I'm doing them properly so I'm taking my time and working on the negative action and also doing modified pull-ups on the smith machine.

Anyways...after the gym we ran a few errands, including a stop at the Fresh Market for natural rotisserie chickens that were 2 for $12, before settling in for lunch and nap time at home.  The to-do list is pretty much tackled and now we're hoping for some downtime and maybe a trip to the park before dinner.  

Happy Weekend!

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