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Monday, April 15, 2013

Things are Looking Up

After a rough morning yesterday that had me holding back tears and I finally slouched into my seat at church, things definitely took a turn for the better...thank God, literally!  Our pastor said some things that I really needed to hear in that moment, such as...

  • God sees more in you than you see in yourself.
  • God proves faithful in the little things.
  • God has your battles covered.
  • What you're doing matters.
  • God's assignments for us take longer than we want them to.  Character is being developed...hang in there!
  • All of us have a special assignment, designed just for us and it will REQUIRE a partnership with God.  It will be more than we can handle and to get through it, we NEED God.
Lately, I've been feeling like I'm floundering a bit, and it was a good wake-up call for me to quit trying to do it all on my own, and learn to rely on the big guy who can do ANYTHING through me.  God's got my problems covered, no matter how silly they may be.  PHEW!

With a renewed outlook on life, we hit the road for the Palm Beach Zoo with an AMAZING friend.  It was a fabulous afternoon and we thoroughly enjoyed the outing.  

What a gift to have engaging adult conversation with a woman I respect so much...and the boys were entertained as well.  

After that fun day, I called it a day as soon as the boys were down for the night.  Early to bed means early to rise for me and I was up before the sun this morning which gave me plenty of time to chat with my man...makes for a MUCH happier me.  

We filled our morning with our Monday morning play group friends and I stayed to work this morning.  It's fun to play with my kids and their friends interacting with each child's unique personality.  We have a pretty amazing creator!

After our playgroup, we survived a trip to the post office during the lunch hour rush without a stroller.  You parents of toddlers will understand what a significant feat that is.  I am still pretty proud of that one...I think it's almost as significant as setting a new PR in a race, haha!

Speaking of races, my heart goes out to all of the people involved in the horrific events in Boston today.  What a tragedy!

I spent nap time prepping some zucchini enchiladas for dinner, which were DELICIOUS as always, and did a little tutoring.  My plans for hitting the gym immediately post-nap were sidelined by the torrential downpours we experienced at that time so we opted for some green juice, popcorn and Max and Ruby instead.

Thankfully the rain cleared and we were still able to hit up the gym before dinnertime.  I got in a killer legs workout completing the following giant set 4 times...

and rounded it out with 50 kettlebell swings, 50 step-ups and 3 miles on the elliptical.  I'm on a mission that I might be undoing with the almonds I can't keep snacking on now.  Woops!

I'm more than ready to call it a day again now.  Off to curl up with my book for as long as I can keep my eyes open...hopefully at least 2 pages.  Haha!


  1. I have to say I totally don't know you aside from seeing you at MOPs but I LOVE YOU! Creeping your blog has shown me what a great heart looks like in writing! Maybe I will say hi to you next MOPs ;)

  2. Please say hi...I'd love to know who you are :-)