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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Putting My Game Face On

I'm not one to have bad least not ones that I remember, but last night was full of them.  It was awful.  I was having arguments with lots of my favorite people...I wonder what that means.  After tossing and turning most of the night, when my eyes popped open again at 5:56 I decided to just get up and make some coffee...not exactly the way I wanted to start my day but oh well.  It was time to put my game face on and tackle the day.  

Since the boys didn't wake up until a little after 8, I was left with some quiet time to myself, so I guess some good did come out of my awful night after all.  I caught up on some e-mails, read a little, drank two cups of coffee in peace, planned my workouts for today and tomorrow, made and ate protein pancakes, and got myself ready before the boys were up.  I probably should have squeezed in my workout too but I've totally gotten out of the early morning workout routine and didn't feel like needing to take a shower before we headed out for our day. 

Our first stop was Story Time.  Today's features were...
This is a great book for teaching vocabulary and it has fabulous illustrations as well.


This is the perfect book to accompany the song "Old MacDonald."  It has lots of fun animal sounds. 

We had a little bit of excitement, not the good kind, when a branch fell out of the giant tree, right onto Mason in the middle of bubble time, just as we were finishing up our fun.  He's fine but did get a little scratch on his cheek.  Poor guy!   What are the odds of that happening?? 

We hung around for a bit so the boys could play with some of the other kiddos afterwards, and leave on a happy note rather than scarred from the experience.  It was great to catch up with some of the other moms while we watched the boys play.  We really have some great families at story time.  What a gift!!

After Story Time, we headed to music class with Miss Rabe.  I don't know how we're going to survive the summer without music class.  The boys did a fantastic job today.  I'm really looking forward to what the fall semester has in store for them.... especially after a couple of months of maturing over the summer, hopefully.

The boys discovered Miss Rabe's old phone after music class and had a good time trying to call Daddy.  They were disappointed nobody was picking up...

Our last stop of the morning was the gym where I cranked out a fantastic upper body workout...inspired by Tina's workout over at Best Body Fitness today.  I adapted it to meet my needs and goals...

I wasn't feeling the indoor cardio so I have plans to hit the pavement with the jogging stroller after nap time.  Hopefully I don't die from the heat.  I can't believe I'm already complaining and it's only April.  Time to put my game face on...we've got a long hot summer ahead.

We owe some friends for all the help they've done with our yard the last few months so we invited them over for dinner tonight.  I'm making eggplant parmesan lasagna...hope it's as good this time as it was last time.  Feeding others always makes me nervous.  It's a LOT of pressure!  It's another opportunity to put my game face on though, right??

Wish I was entertaining my brother for his birthday as well.  Happy Birthday, Aaron!  I'm blessed by your influence on my life and so glad the boys get to call you their uncle.  What a great role model for them!!  Check out the video we made for him...

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