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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Some Hot Stuff

After the boys napped til 5:45 yesterday,  I was so worried they'd be up all night but they went to bed just a little later than usual and woke up at the regular time.  They must have needed their sleep.  While they were napping, I ate almost half of this container of nuts....SOOOOO good!  

Finally something the boys will have no interest in stealing from me :-)  Since I never steal their snacks, right??  

Mason spent most of the time between nap-time and bedtime taking his long train up and down the hallway.  

We had fun FaceTiming with Mimsy and Grandpa too.  I'm looking forward to the day when the boys attention span is longer than 2 seconds for things like that.  I'm sure my parents are too...

I tried to get my run in before it got too hot out there but I didn't have much luck...I called it quits after 5  sweaty miles.  The thunder was a good excuse to head home.  

I sent this lovely picture to Mickey it turned him on, haha!

My running buddies were great company.  We found this cool crane while we were out and about and couldn't pass by it without checking out what it was up to.  Easy entertainment! 

We cleaned up, ate some breakfast, and hit the road to tackle some errands before the day got away from us.  We scored some serious deals on all kinds of organic stuff at BJs this morning.  Must be in honor of Earth Day.  We are stocked up on all kinds of goodies now.  Lucky us!

The boys thought they were in heaven when they discovered there were M&M samples being handed out.  YUM!

We also swung by Old Navy where the tees are buy one get one free...perfect when you have twins.  The boys picked out some great tanks.  I'm pretty sure Mickey's not too excited about his boys wearing sleeveless shirts but the boys love them, and it gets hot here, so we stocked up.  

We had high hopes of joining some friends for a little festival later in the day but the crummy weather and our hungry bellies delayed us a bit and we ended up deciding just to stay in.  Now the boys are napping and I'm planning on vacuuming out my car before curling up with my book.  I'm hoping the weather clears up so we can play outside this afternoon.  Life is so much more fun when fresh air is involved.  Otherwise, we resort to entertaining ourselves with things like this...

Hot stuff, huh?  Sure to impress his future girlfriends.  Love you Colton!!

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