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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday in Plankerville

It's another beautiful day here in Plankerville and we started it off right with some family time, a chat with Mickey, some laundry, and some yummy breakfast before hitting the road for church.  As usual, the pastor's message was a good one.  His topic--bouncing back; God is the God of second chances.  What's not to love about that?  His takeaway message was that a life lived your way always comes up empty.  However, a life dedicated to God's work being done in God's way is ALWAYS productive.  He challenged us to think about how life is working out if we're living it on our own terms and to make a decision to obey, reminding us that if we've failed, which we all have, we still have an opportunity to make things right and change our legacy.  Who wouldn't want that?? Our God is pretty darn awesome!

It reminds me of an EXTREMELY loving teacher I had in fifth grade, Mrs. Albers.  She instituted the "Plan B" way before it was a birth control option.  We always knew that we had a second chance with her, known as our "Plan B" if our original plan, "Plan A" didn't work out.  It was extremely comforting to know we wouldn't be facing her wrath if we messed up, we just needed to come up with a solution to make things right.  She was a fantastic teacher!

After church, I tried to cram in a couple of errands since we were out and about already.  Our first stop was the pet store, which the boys love since we get to check out the birds and rodents there...

Colton also had fun making a tower out of the cat food we were buying for dear old, literally, Mango.  At least he gets to eat good in his old age.  

Our next stop was CVS to take advantage of the opportunity to get 3 boxes of tissues for less than a dollar using a coupon combined with this week's sale.  We also found paper towels that were on sale as well as the printer paper we needed.  That store needs bigger carts for all my kids and gear!!

We may or may not have knocked most of the tissue display over.  I tried to put it back together while the boys moved on to rearranging the deodorants...woops!  I'm pretty sure they weren't sorry to see us go.  Good thing we don't go there often!  

On the way out of CVS, I picked up a movie.  Hope I can stay awake for this one once the boys are in bed tonight...

It was my first time getting a redbox and I must say the concept is genius.  Wish I would have thought of that.  I got this one for free just for signing up online for an account.  My next rental is free too if I reserve it online first.  Keep the freebies coming Redbox!!

With the errands done, a stop at Starbucks was a MUST!  Have you tried the new hazelnut frappuccino, light of course?  YUM!!

The boys got their usual chocolate milk and sucked it down before we even made it out of the parking lot.  They sure do love Starbucks chocolate milk.  I need to get my hands on some of their chocolate syrup so I can make it myself and save some money.

While I made lunch, Colton decided to make friends with this little guy...

I didn't even hang around while he sat on it, since he sits on it all the time and nothing happens, but this time he made some headway and brought me the bowl to show off.  You should have seen how excited he was to flush it down the potty.  Way to go Buddy!  You're on your way!!!  I can't wait to be done buying diapers.

You'd think it would be quiet in my house now while the boys sleep, but instead I get to listen to the work being done on this lovely addition next's green now!!

Would you believe they actually have a building permit in their front yard?  I have a hard time believing this was approved...

This lovely bird has been making some noise pecking on the glass every once in a while as well.  I wonder if he sees his reflection?  He's prettier in person...a bluebird I think.  A cardinal has been bopping around out there as well.  They must be loving the nice weather just as much as we are. 

I promised the boys a trip to the park after naptime.  I'm looking forward to enjoying some fresh air as I get a little exercise in walking them to our destination.  Today's a rest day and I get a little stir crazy so a walk will be the perfect medicine for my restless self.  I'm also looking forward to some homemade pizza when we get back home.  YUM!  Hope you're having a lovely Sunday as well.  I'm off to remake my bed with clean sheets, my FAVORITE, before the boys wake up.

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