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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Giant Sets, Play Time and Some Baking Fun

Our Sunday evening trip to the park turned out beautifully.  The boys are getting more and more adventurous there and had a lot of fun with the tunnel.  How cute are they???



The boys were kind enough to entertain me with lots of singing on the way home from the park...

I was smiling from ear to ear the whole walk home.  The boys may not show off their skills in music class, but they sure do share their love of music with me.  They've got skills!!  

I can't say enough good things about the Trader Joe's Whole wheat pizza crust I used for our pizza that night either.  YUM!  When is the new one going to open in Palm Beach??

We had a pretty low-key day yesterday.  Our day kicked off with a playgroup for the boys and a trip to the gym for me.  I tried out a new giant set for my lower body and I'm feeling the effects today.  Now I gotta stick with it to SEE the effects of it.  I'm teaching myself to love lower body workouts...not easy for me.  I still had a little bit of time to myself after my workout before I had to go get the boys, so I swung by home to whip up a smoothie before heading to the beach to put my toes in the sand...

The boys keep pointing out that my toes are pink and they constantly want to count them.  I painted my fingernails purple yesterday just to keep things interesting.  Now they want to count my fingers too.  Silly boys!  

We spent a little time biking outside before the boys thought it would be fun to bring the bikes inside...

Colton--You rock!

I sat my butt by the pool during most of the boys naptime.  I also made a loaf of Smitten Kitchen's crackly banana bread that turned out to be even yummier than I hoped.  Her recipes never disappoint.  The only changes I made to the recipe were to substitute agave for the brown sugar and quinoa for the millet, since I didn't have any millet on hand.  The quinoa worked beautifully.  

After naptime, the boys and I ventured out for some fresh air and a little run in hopes of keeping my legs from getting to sore from my morning workout.  

Colton couldn't travel without Cranky the crane and Mason brought along the Easter Bunny and Christmas Thomas the Train...he likes his holidays!  It was hotter than I had hoped out there yesterday afternoon so I only covered 3 miles before calling it quits.  I'm not ready for the heat that looks like it's here to stay.  There are lots of sweaty, miserable runs in my near future I'm mileage will likely be staying quite low this summer.  Bring on the air conditioned gym and the free weights!

They talked me into some additional outdoor time with the wagon...who am I to turn them down??

Finally caught Mason smiling!!!

This morning I awoke to the sounds of a downpour so I decided to cancel Story Time...I think I jumped the gun a little because come 9:00, it was gorgeous outside.  The little break was nice and now we have next week to look forward to.  I hope people got the word that it was cancelled before loading up their kiddos to come have some fun.  

Thankfully, rain doesn't stop Music Class.  We got to get our Miss Rabe fix today!!  She must have known we all needed a break because she entertained our children extra long today.  Love that!!  One can never have enough music class in life.  

The boys let me squeeze in a quick workout on our way home from music class.  I stuck with yesterday's giant set trend and completed 2 upper body giant sets today, 4 times through with each, using...
  • Reverse Grip Rows
  • Chest press on the stability ball
  • One-legged overhead extensions
  • Lying triceps extensions on the stability ball
  • Hammer curls 
  • Incline plank rows
  • Chest flyes with a twist at the top
  • One-legged reverse flyes
  • Overhead triceps extensions
  • Partial reps and full reps biceps curls on upside-down bosu
I finished up with quick 10 minutes on the elliptical before jetting out of there to make an appointment.  Good thing it was just blood work so I wasn't embarrassed to be sweaty.   I've never seen people move more slowly than they did at Quest Diagnostics in the 900 building.  It's worth the drive to the Palm City location, local folks.  They're much quicker there!

Today I played around with another recipe during naptime.  Since the boys love crackers and goldfish so much, I decided to give homemade crackers a try...

I did add some cheese to the recipe to up the chance of the boys liking them.  They tend to love anything that includes cheese.  I also subbed garlic powder for the onion powder...we're garlic lovers in this household.  No vampires near us!  We'll see what the boys think of them when they wake up.  Hope they give them a thumbs up.  

I asked the boys what they wanted to do when they woke up from their nap, my new tactic for getting them to go to bed is to chat with them about what they can look forward to when they wake up.  It's working for now.  They told me they want to go in a shopping cart so I guess a trip to Publix or Target is in order...or maybe the Fresh Market...decisions, decisions...

I'm hoping I can keep my eyes open long enough to make some progress on my book after the boys are in bed tonight.  It's hard to get through a book when I fall asleep every time I sit matter how good the book is, and this one is REALLY good...

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