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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Some Park Fun and A BUSY Tuesday

We've been having some gorgeous weather the past few days and decided to take advantage of it with a little walk to the park yesterday evening.  We came across this sign at our first stop...

Out of service?!  Talk about a bummber!  Good thing there was another park close by that was wide open for play time...

We had the park almost completely to ourselves and the boys had a fantastic did I!

Today was a whirlwind of activities!  We started off with Story Time.  Today's features were...

I love Karma Wilson's books and her rhymes and story line don't disappoint with this one. 

For some reason, I threw this one in as a backup at the last minute this morning and was glad I did.  The group was pretty fidgety today and this short story about everyone's favorite train helped get us through.  Gotta love Thomas!

Our next stop was Music Class.  The boys were happy to be making music with Miss Rabe again and were glad we weren't going to swimming lessons to see her.   One day they'll thank me for torturing them with swimming lessons :-)

We swung by The Fresh Market on our way home from Music Class for some chicken (antibiotic and hormone free chicken breasts are on sale every Tuesday in April for $2.99/lb!), a couple of blueberry bagels for the boys per their request, and some kombucha for me.  I have developed a love for this stuff...YUM!

We scarfed down lunch before heading to our pediatrician for the boys' 2 year old physical.  They're growing like weeds and doing great.  They took their vaccines like little champs.  I'm pretty sure the doctor was impressed with their vocabulary.  They're quite the little chatterboxes.  

The boys crashed on the way home which gave me some time to read in the driveway until they woke up.  Never wake a sleeping baby, right??  I started a new books which I'm thoroughly enjoying so far...

Once the boys were awake, it was time to hit the trail for the library.  I don't think I'll venture there without the stroller again any time soon.  The boys had a hoot pulling all kinds of books off the shelves. I'm pretty sure the librarians weren't too happy cleaning up after us.  I tried to get as many books as possible back in their original locations...woops!  Good thing we were in the children's department where I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones who mess things up.  

The boys were kind enough to let me squeeze in a quick workout at the gym.  I tackled some intervals on the elliptical, rotating quarter miles with some biceps and triceps work.  I also did a quick 20 minutes on the treadmill, throwing in some sprints and hills to keep things interesting.  Those darn treadmills are torturous for a girl like me who loves to log her miles in fresh air.  I got it done though. 

We finished up our night by cooking up some of the chicken we got from the fresh market along with some guacamole for dipping and some sauteed collards for me, quesadilla for the boys since I couldn't convince them collards are yummy.  We'll keep trying...

I made myself some tea to drink while I typed this post to try to distract me from wanting something sweet but keep finding myself putting my hand back into the starburst jelly beans.  Oops!  Tomorrow's a new of these days I'll stay on track.

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