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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Fun Etc.

We had such a nice Easter yesterday.  It was the last day with my parents and Miriam so we tried to soak up as much fun as possible before they had to go.

We made some yummy egg sandwiches using the leftover deli stuff from the boys' party the day before.  YUM!!  Then we all got cleaned up to head off to church.  We tried to squeeze in some quick photos before loading up in the car...

Miriam and I

Colton and Mason

Colton and Grandpa

Tried to get one of both of them but didn't have much luck.

I'm not sure how we managed to miss getting a picture of my mom...bummer!

After church we headed to the beach for a bit.  It was gorgeous and we wished we would have packed a beach bag so that we could have stayed longer. 

After the beach, it was time for the Easter egg hunt...

They actually got the concept this year which made it alot of fun.  Being the silly boys that they are, they decided to turn egg hunting into a basketball game, shooting the hard boiled eggs into the buckets.   Needless to say, we had to pitch quite a few eggs.  Too funny! 

After a salmon burger lunch, it was time to say goodbye to our visitors.  The boys helped load up the car...

and then we took a few more pictures before waving goodbye...

Colton, Mimsy, Grandpa, and Mason

Aunt Miriam and her buddies

One last hug for Grandpa

We can't wait til the next time we get to see them again.  We are so blessed to have such a supportive family.  God is good!!!

Today has involved catching up on some chores, recommitting to my healthy, lean muscle-building eating plan, a killer TRX workout at the gym focusing on balance, and some experimenting with my new juicer...woohoo!!

I have been swooning over this baby for the last couple of months and finally bit the bullet and bought it.  SOOOOO excited!

It is incredibly easy to use and super quiet--2 selling points for me.  If you have any good juice recipes, send em my way. Today I decided to just wing it with some spinach, an apple, and some cabbage.  It was good, but I definitely taste the cabbage and want to find a way to mask that taste.  I have lots to learn and I'm am thrilled to be jumping on the juicing bandwagon. 

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