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Saturday, April 20, 2013

One of These Days I'm Gonna Take A Nap

The boys' nap time is almost over and I'm sitting here thinking "Darn!  I should have taken a nap too!"  Why don't I ever do that??  Instead I spent nap time taking a shower, doing some cleaning, researching some recipes and making almond butter in the VitaMix which turned into making almond butter protein bars while I was at it.  I may not have gotten rest but I can now check protein bars off my grocery list...not sure if that was a good trade-off or not.  Oh well!  One of these day I'm going to bite the bullet and try out that napping thing.  I hear it's lovely.  Anyways...we've had some fun the past couple of days...

Yesterday morning started off with a run with a friend and our jogging strollers.  I am NOT a social exerciser by any stretch of the imagination.  My introverted-nature is in full force at the gym and in running circles.  Needless to say, I was a little nervous about having a running partner since that's never gone well for me in the past.  Sure, I run with my sisters when they come to visit, and Mickey maybe a couple of times a year, but other than that, I do my own thing.  I was pleasantly surprised to I end up having a great time and we have plans to run again soon.  I must say, the time passed more quickly with someone to talk to.  We also took a different route than I typically take so that was a nice distraction as well.  We ended up covering just under 6 miles and finished up our outing with a quick stop by Osceola Street cafe to get breakfast to take to the park.  The boys got to play with their buddy while I dined on a breakfast prepared by someone else.  What a yummy treat!

We had a pretty mellow rest of the day before joining our friends for fajita night.  Talk about spoiled...I only had to take care of lunch yesterday.  I love cooking but a break is SOOO nice once in a while.    Cecilia made some of the yummiest pork I've ever had and we were lucky enough to enjoy some leftovers today for lunch.  I'm not gonna lie...the beer I enjoyed while there was pretty darn tasty too.  I always love opportunities to catch up with my friends and it's even better when our kids get along well too.  We are blessed!

Once the boys were down for the count, I finished off my day with a movie...

I must say, it was pretty darn entertaining.  I hope 40 doesn't bring quite the mid-life crisis for me that it did for them.  Yikes!  At least I won't be turning 40 at the same time as my husband...he's way ahead of me in the age department and already checked that milestone off his list, and so far he's mid-life crisis-free...I think.  Haha

We kicked off our day today with a trip to the Environmental Studies Center's Earth Day celebration.  We had a BLAST!!

The boys were so into all the animals and especially couldn't get enough of the alligator.  They REALLY enjoyed the aquariums too...

Our visit inspired us to adopt some new family members.  Meet Sam (blue) and Bob (red)...

Bob belongs to Mason and Colton claimed Sam.  They're in love...hope it lasts.  

We were able to squeeze in a quick trip to the gym for some upper body circuits and a SHORT ride on the elliptical just to keep things loose before I got bored and decided to call it a day.  I see a very mellow evening in our future.  I'm a tired momma...good thing dinner's all prepped and just needs 30 minutes in the oven when we get hungry.  We've got honey-soy salmon, japanese sweet potatoes, and roasted asparagus on the menu tonight.  Easy breezy!

I have high hopes for finishing my book, The Violets of March, by Sarah Jio, tonight.  I'm so close to the end!  Here's to hoping it's a good ending.

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