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Monday, April 22, 2013

Finding a Better Mood

Before I get into today...let me quickly recap a couple of things from our Sunday. We kicked off the day with a sweaty 6 mile bridge run that left me absolutely beat.  I even stopped for a smartwater from Walgreens on the way home because I was seriously dragging.  It wasn't my best run.

The day improved with a LONG chat with Mickey.  We may have missed church for it but I know God understands.  Yummy pick-me-ups from Starbucks also made for a great day...

Those boys sure love their chocolate milk.  We even splurged on whipped cream this time.  

We also had fun trying out a new recipe yesterday.  If you, like me, have trouble coming up with things to do with your eggplant besides breading it for eggplant parm or eggplant lasagna, you've got to try this FANTASTIC recipe for eggplant and white bean hummus.   I'm glad I got my hands on some yesterday because the boys finished it off today.

I know what I'll be doing with my eggplant from now on.  YUM!

We finished off our Sunday with a wagon walk and some fun outside...

I love my little "treehuggers."

On to today...Every once in a while, I have one of those days where I feel especially sorry for myself.  Today was one of those days.  I know, I life is full of FANTASTIC blessings so how can I feel sorry for myself?  It's silly, right?  My head knows it's silly but sometimes it's more difficult to convince my heart.  Life goes on, however, regardless of how I'm feeling about it, so I knew I better find a way to snap out of it.

I drank some coffee and made a green juice before the boys got up.  I also caught up on my emails and facebook where I stumbled upon a great post entitled "Learning to Accept My Muffin Top."

As someone who has always struggled with body image, especially after the pregnancy and birth of my amazing twin boys, I found that it really spoke to me and made some important points.  I highly suggest you check it out.  I shared the link on facebook and another friend responded with the following quote she had stumbled upon...

"A friend is someone who knows where you've been, accepts where you are, and still encourages you to grow. Be your body's best friend." 

-Bethany Learn, Founder and CEO of Fit2B Studio, LLC
♥ ♥

Funny that that's the lady who has been helping me heal my core.  She is one smart woman!  I needed those reminders today.

Once the boys were up, we enjoyed some eggs and oats together before heading out for the morning.  The boys were headed to their play group and I had originally planned to park my butt on the beach but the weather had other plans in mind for me.  Darn rain!  Since I always try to do things that I wouldn't be able to do very easily with the boys in tow while they're at their play group, I decided to try a little retail therapy--Planker style of course, since my original plan was no longer a good one.

My first stop was GNC for some probiotics and a protein bar I've been wanting to try after reading about how good they are--no sugar alcohols, 1 g sugar, lots of fiber, 20 g protein...

I gotta say, I was impressed.  The guy working there told me the cookie dough one is to die for.  I might just splurge and buy a case of them.  It's a good snack to have on hand to fight a sweets craving...for me anyways :-).  I'm weird.  

My next stop was Hobby Lobby for some velcro for a project for the boys but I ended up finding some beads for a new bracelet project while I was there too.  Surely someone's got a birthday coming up and will need a gift, right?  I'll have it ready to go soon.

I had something to return at Old Navy and did a walk through their clearance section where I found two new tanks and a workout top.  My kind of shopping.  I found a new pair of khaki shorts for $15 too...not on clearance but at least on sale, and I'm sure I'll get every penny out of them this summer.  

My last stop was the pool store for some stuff, right?  No, but IMPOSSIBLE to do with the boys so I had to seize the opportunity.  I was still in my funk and I still had about 45 minutes to spare before it was time to pick up the boys.  I was wracking my brain for ideas of things to do that I can't do with the boys along and then it hit me...Go for a run ALONE!  I felt like the wind and enjoyed every inch of that easy 3 mile run.  It was pure bliss! 

My only regret is that I didn't think of going for a run sooner so I could have enjoyed a longer SOLO run.  I love my running buddies, but sometimes pushing that heavy stroller wears me down.  It was nice to  be reminded of how freeing and therapeutic a run can be.  

I returned to pickup the boys, refreshed, in a much better mood, and finally feeling like myself again.  Those silly boys begged me to go to the gym on our way home, and who was I to turn them down, haha, so we swung by the gym for a quick 30 minute chest and triceps supersets workout before it was time to head home for lunch.  

It's still pretty gloomy outside, so I'm hoping the boys are game for some indoor play this afternoon.  I'm thinking playdoh, puzzles, and maybe some markers.  We have a yummy dinner to look forward to also...parmesan cod and sauteed spinach.  YUM!  I'm glad I was able to snap out of my funk.  Life is good...Praise God!

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