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Friday, March 22, 2013

The Easter Bunny!!!!

We had the BEST day today!  After a later than usual night last night, we all slept in and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before getting ourselves ready to head down to the Gardens mall for some fun with some of our very dearest friends.  We shopped, enjoyed a yummy lunch and met the Easter Bunny.  There were NO tears, which is a HUGE accomplishment after several failed attempts with Santa and another scary episode with the cat in the hat.  The boys actually LOVED the Easter Bunny.

Mason was the brave one to go first and give the Easter Bunny a BIG hug... Colton figured it was safe to venture closer as well...

We even got them both to sit on his lap... 

...and even managed to get some smiles out of them.

My favorite shot is Mason with his tongue out...his signature look!  I love Colton's candid smile as well.   I can hear him saying "cheese" when I look at it.  

Here they are with their adopted big sister.  We love her like she's our own flesh and blood.  She is such a blessing to the boys and loves them SOOO much! We love her just as much back!

It was such a treat to get to share this special day with her and her mom.  They are a true gift from God to our family.  God is GOOD!

I had the luxury of being treated to a Bobbi Brown makeover which was a great treat as well.  Talk about feeling pampered!  I learned some good tricks fromt he pros.  It was an all-around fantastic day!

We got home in time to have a quick play date with our friend before it was time for the bedtime routine.  They came bearing water balloons and the boys couldn't have been more thrilled...

Colton especially got a kick out of them.  

After bedtime, ANOTHER friend stopped by bearing a bottle of wine and a lovely candle.  It was great to catch up with her without having to juggle the kids at the same time.  I love impromptu visits like that.

Tomorrow we get to look forward to my parents' arrival.  I can't wait for them to get here.  I think they're just as excited as we are.  Hope they make good time and can get here before the boys' bedtime.  

Today was a great reminder of how blessed we are and how God truly does provide for ALL of our needs.  He's pretty amazing!


  1. How can they not love the Easter Bunny? Tell the boys the EB really lives at Aunt Patty's house! I'll have to send them a picture. Calendar ICAN dog Sally (June) is back at our house.

  2. We're hoping to come that way for Leah's graduation and would LOVE a visit to your house to see you and all of the animals. Let's make sure it happens!