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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Looooong Nights Make for Long Runs

Colton must have stirred up his allergies or something with all the mowing he was doing last night...

He spent the night tossing and turning in my bed, which meant I got absolutely zero sleep.  No fun!  Guess which one below is Colton...

He caught up on his sleep while I ran out to the beach and back.  Mason was such a trooper for coming along for the ride.  He especially loved the police car and bus action out on the streets this morinng.  Colton's little stroller nap reminded me of when they were infants and the only way I could get them to nap was with a ride in the stroller.  Glad this isn't a daily requirement any more.  

It was great, however,  to get a peak at the ocean and a nice long run in this morning too.  

Looks like a postcard, huh?  I love that I live here!  

Not a bad run considering I pushed a 100+ lb stroller, went over two bridges and back, and completed it all on basically zero sleep.  I'm sure it will catch up to me tonight...

I rewarded myself with a big yummy salad when I got home.  Those scallops definitely made the salad.   The melted the gorgonzola just enough.  YUM!

We've spent the rest of the day hanging around the house doing our Thursday produce thing.  The boys have really been having fun with play dough, so we had fun making snakes.  The boys thought it was silly to cut up the snakes...Should I be worried about that??  

Colton told me this was a face...

If you turn it sideways, I think he's on to something.  Smart boy!

Colton stuck with the playdoh for a long time, but Mason got distracted and told me he had to go shopping.  He uses his old walker as a shopping cart and tells me he's going to get snacks.  A boy after my own heart!  I LOVE grocery shopping!

Colton, especially is turning into a little ham and loves the camera.  He even said "cheese" for this shot.  LOVE!

Mason usually ends up wanting in on the action too but then gets too busy to stay still for me to catch a good shot of him.  He's one BUSY boy! 

Blurry or not, he's ADORABLE!  

I'm not gonna lie, they've been driving me pretty crazy today, mostly due to the fact that they stole my sleep from me and spend most of the day clinging to me and fighting over me.  But I do love them, and they are the best thing that ever happened to me...besides my husband of course.  

Time to wrap up my produce duties and get a move on getting some stuff done around here.  My parents will be here in 48 hours...lots to do.  SOOO excited!

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