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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bye Leah!

I'm sad to report that I sent my sister back to the midwest today.  We loved every minute of having her here and can't wait til the next time we see her again.  I hope she had as much fun as we did.

Since yesterday was her last day in town, we crammed as much fun as possible into her last day here.  We spent some time at the beach...

I was freezing but clearly Leah is from "up north" and wanted to soak up as much sun as possible.  It was extremely windy there too, as you can see from my flyaway hair.  The boys had fun playing with their trucks and got more and more brave as our time as the beach wore on...

The boys were absolutely thrilled with all of the birds and airplanes that were flying through the sky.

They also thought the dredging was pretty cool too.  Big pipes and trucks...what's not to love?

We had a fun lunch at Harry and the Natives before heading home for naptime.  I got in one last solo run over the bridges while Leah soaked up a few more rays.  Then it was time for one last night on the town.  We hit up Conchy Joes, the Dolphin Bar and one last stop at Carsons rounded out the night.  It was fun having her here.  

Today has revolved around a trip to the airport to send Leah on her way and produce.  We got blackberries and blueberries this week, along with broccoli, brocolinni, and rapini...all our favorites!  After over a week of indulging with Leah, it's time to get back on track with some clean eating.  Bring on the lean proteins, healthy fats, and produce!

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