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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rest Days

I stayed up a little later than I should have last night trying to catch up a bit on The Bachelor.  I know it's a terrible excuse for losing sleep but for some reason it sucks me in.  This girl is CRAZY....

I am SOOOOO glad I am not on the dating scene any more and even if I was, there's no way I'd ever put myself on that show, but I sure to enjoy watching and being constantly blown away, not in a good way, by the crazy women who are willing to put themselves through it.  I guess you could say it's kind of a guilty pleasure for me.  It was a double episode this week so I still have one more show to catch up on.  I wish they weren't so long...

Despite staying up past my bedtime, I did still manage to drag myself out of bed this morning with time to enjoy my coffee, check my e-mails, and do the weights portion of my Best Body Bootcamp workout for the day.  Today's workout focused on the Chest, Back, Biceps and Triceps using Pyramid sets.  I enjoyed it.  I decided to skip the cardio portion of the day since I can't remember the last day I took a rest day.  I'm due!  I'll hit the ground running again tomorrow but for today, rest does a body good.


I need to do a better job of incorporating rest into my active lifestyle.  It's just as important as the work portion but I have a hard time passing up workouts.  Sometimes I think it's a disease.  This article does a nice job of reminding readers why rest is SOOOO important.  Maybe instead of giving something up for Lent, I'll add in a rest day each week and fill my workout time with some other self-improvement activities, like devotions or something.  I think I'm onto something.  I already have my next rest day planned for next Wednesday.  Can't wait!

I had fun with my friends at MOPS this morning.  It's always so nice to support each other and encourage each other as we all face our various challenges as mothers and women.  I got to make this cute bracelet as well...

I'm not much of a bow-wearer myself but I have a friend in mind who I think will enjoy it.

I'm pretty sure the boys had fun playing with their friends.  They did mention the animal cookies they got to eat.  My boys sure do love their food.

We spent the rest of our morning do our thing outside and even enjoyed a picnic lunch before I finally convinced the boys it was time for a nap.  I just finished up my least favorite chores--cleaning the showers and vacuuming.  Now I'm going to pamper myself a bit before the boys wake up and we head back outside for some more of this glorious weather.

Gotta love the sunshine state!  Off to enjoy it some more.  Have a lovely day...come visit!  Just don't take any fashion advice from my silly boys...

They love their new sandals so much that they wanted to wear them with their socks last night.   Too funny!  

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