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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fresh Air and Some Exciting News

We had so much fun after I posted yesterday.  We took a walk...

...followed up by some races in the yard until it got dark.  We love to be outside and love that we have the blessing of living in Florida to enjoy warm weather year-round.  

Ready, Set, Go!

After all that fresh air and running around, the boys fell asleep without any trouble.  Look how cute they are snuggled up with their toys from Daddy...

Colton with his frog.

Mason with his rhino.

This morning was a little less busy that our typical Tuesdays.  The only thing on our agenda was Story Time so we took advantage of the opportunity to run there rather than hopping in the car.  Today's featured stories were...

Both books are by Sarah Weeks and helped me carry out my Valentines Day theme.  There are lots of good rhymes and animals in both of them which make them good choices for toddlers.
We literally ran a couple of errands before coming home and spending the rest of the morning in the backyard soaking up the gorgeous day.  The boys decided that if I wasn't going to put water in the water table for them, they would just get in the table themselves.  Pretty funny!

They also spent quite a bit of time trying to sit and bounce on the kickball.  They must be trying to workout like they've seen me do on the exercise ball.  

If  anyone knows how to edit these so they're not sideways, let me know please!  

Silly boys.  Gotta watch what I say around my little parrots.  They copy everything I say.  "That darn"

It's day 2 of my healthier living plan and I've been pretty successful so far with getting to bed early (went to bed at 9ish and woke up at 5:45) and eating cleaner (Oatmeal with protein powder and fruit for breakfast and some leftovers for lunch which did included some leftover veggies and... chicken wings...I know, I know, but they were way too good to waste.  At least they're chock full of protein and they were relatively lean, as far as chicken wings go.)  I'm still holding strong on avoiding sugar which is a major goal of mine these days.  I know it's only day 2 but it feels good.  I have a giant salad with some mixed greens, black beans, tomatoes, roasted chicken and almonds already put together for dinner.  Trying to stay on top of things to avoid getting too hungry and suddenly too lazy to make good choices, a common pitfall of mine these days.  I'm a work in progress...

On a completely different note, now that it's on Facebook, I think it's safe for me to share some of the most exciting news our family has had in a while.  My sister is ENGAGED!  We are INCREDIBLY happy for her and I look forward to distracting myself with helping her to make plans for the big day when they're ready.  Our boys are gonna look pretty sweet in some pressure to include that little detail Abigial!

One VERY happy girl!  Yay!

I'm trying to convince her we need to have her bachelorette party in Key West.  Wouldn't that be FABULOUS!?!?

Of to do some core-healing with Bethany Learn...

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