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Monday, February 4, 2013

Waking Earlier and Eating Cleaner

Day 1 of Eating Cleaner and Waking Earlier got off to a good start this morning.  I'm trying to get back into my habit of getting up before the boys so I can get some of my own needs out of the way before tackling theirs.  I've gotten pretty lacadasical in the eating and taking care of myself department.  It was fun while it lasted but I need to get back on track.  I feel so much better when I'm well-rested and well-fed.

This morning I got up with plenty of time to enjoy a cup of coffee before tackling my Best Body Bootcamp workout of the day.  It used pyramid circuits with increasing weights which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I actually surprised myself with how much weight I was able to lift for the arnold presses.  Bring on the 20 pounders...for 8 reps at least. It felt good.

The boys woke up almost immediately after I finished pounding a glass of water and Mason had some crazy bed-head.  It made my morning...

Colton looked a little sleepy still...

I refueled after my workout with some egg whites and spinach with a side of oats and strawberries.  YUM!

Meanwhile, the boys dined at a window, enjoying their bagels, strawberries, and Morningstar sausages...

This morning they had their play group and made these adorable love bugs while I ran a BUNCH of errands...

I made sure to include a stop to 7-11 for my free coffee today, thanks to the coupon from the paper last week.  They seriously have the best convenience store coffee I've tasted.  It was perfect on this crisp morning...

I finished all more errands with 45 minutes to spare before I had to pick the boys up and was able to squeeze in a quick run sans-stroller.  I felt free as a bird.  It was glorious!  I did miss my running buddies though.

After picking up the boys, we were all ready to dig into our lunches.  The boys dined on the chobani yogurts I bought for myself but didn't hide well enough in the fridge along with some strawberries and dark cocoa almonds.  They pick a pretty tasty lunch in my opinion...

This is actually Mason's first of two cups of yogurt.  He had a pretty decent mess going on once he was full.  The boy loves his yogurt.  

Colton is a fantastic eater too.  Love them!!

I inhaled a Clean Eating salad composed of mixed baby greens, a roma tomato, some black beans, almond slivers and leftover roasted chicken all topped with homemade honey mustard.  YUM!  I may or may not have eaten some of those almonds along with the boys as well.  Not sure they're clean eating approved but they aren't too bad either I don't think.  

We're hoping to play outside until it gets dark and then cozy up with some leftovers before tackling the bedtime routine.  It's gorgeous out there today.  

We got some new cars today which needed to be turned into a train.  

Smiley Mason                                                Smiley Colton 

Hoping to be in bed early tonight, cozied up with my Kindle and some tea.  I stick to my resolutions better when I get to bed early and get lots of sleep.  Here's to staying on track for a while.  Happy Monday!  

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