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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sunshine Days

What an incredible day!

My day kicked off nice and quietly with my favorite coffee, just as I had hoped...

...especially when it's the GOOD stuff...

You better believe I had two cups and talked myself out of a third.  YUM!  I made another one of those grain free english muffins to go with it this morning.  This time I turned it into an sandwich with egg whites, garlic and spinach.  YUM!

The boys and I squeezed in a quick trip to the gym for some killer cardio on the elliptical before spending the rest of the day predominantly outside.  It was GLORIOUS!

The boys had a BLAST finally playing with water in this water table.  

I must say, it's a pretty darn cool toy and kept their attention for a LOOOONG time!  So fun!!

Once they tired of that, it was time to finally try out the finger paints.  The boys had fun with it and created a couple of masterpieces.

They still don't love getting their hands all messy so we had to wash them off frequently.  It's funny that they have no trouble making a complete mess at dinner time but are particular when it comes to paint on their fingers...

We also shot some hoops ...

and just goofed around...

Those charming smiles and smirks never seem to get old.  

We even waved hello to all our friends who read this blog.  "Hi there!  Thanks for reading!"

While the boys napped, I took advantage of the quiet time and read a little, listened to the Joyce Meyer devotional for today, and did some Fit2Be yoga for my core.  I also threw a chicken, some sweet potato wedges for the boys and some rutabaga for me, into the oven to slowly roast until dinner time.   After naps, we took a leisurely walk around the neighborhood before giving in to the impending darkness and our hungry tummies.  I should slow roast whole chickens more often.  YUM! I even took the time to make chicken stock from the bones after dinner since I had the time and energy to do it.  This rest day did us all a world of good. 

Now, the boys are snuggled up in bed, tuckered out from a fun day, and I'm having another glass of this wine I opened up last night, compliments of my dad who has a knack for finding all the good, cheap wines.  

Apparently it's from Aldi and I must say, it's surprisingly yummy!  Cheers!  Hope your Saturday was as lovely as ours.  

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