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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little Busy Bodies

I love days like today where there is NOTHING on the agenda.  I had time to finish and submit an essay before the boys got up, then it was go time!

We kicked off our morning with some trains...

The boys are learning to ham it up for the camera.  Here's what happened when I told them to smile this morning...



Love those little boogers!  I tried to try out a new recipe for carrot cake pancakes while they played with their trains but they decided helping me would be more fun...

Mason loved stirring.

Colton wanted to scoop.

Once they got tired of helping me, they decided they wanted to play with stickers and crayons.  I think their attention span is about 10 minutes, if that.

Colton snuck over to play with Mason...with his scoop still in hand.  Wonder where he got the idea to lick the scoop??  Whoops!!

Their busyness was wearing me out, and it was only 10:00, so I figured a trip to the park to wear them out was in order.  It was a gorgeous day for a walk to the park and we had the place to ourselves almost the whole time.  Lucky us!  

Their favorite part of the park is the steps.  They LOVE going up and down them.  Now if I could just get them to try out the slides...

After our park visit, I tried out this yogurt I bought from Trader Joe's.  I'm not a fan.  Oh well, I tried!  If I ever succeed at giving up dairy, I'll skip the dairy yogurt alternatives.

While the boys napped, I tackled one of my LEAST favorite chores...yard work.  I'm embarrassed by my lack of ability in that department.  I'll be happy to hand the job back to Mickey.  I also prepped some zucchini enchiladas.  I love this recipe and am looking forward to my yummy dinner.  Maybe I'll even be able to keep my eyes open for a movie tonight.  I've been failing miserably in that department lately as well.  Worse things have happened...

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