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Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Days

It's been a busy but fun past couple of days.  Yesterday, the boys let me get an early start on my day and we made it to the gym at 8:15.  It felt great to get a workout in BEFORE the craziness of produce day was upon us.  Mason was still a bit clingy with the transition to play care but had a fabulous time.  Colton was his usual easy-going self.

Produce day was a breeze with everyone picking up on time and I even scored some fabulous berries from a lady who didn't want her share and thought she had cancelled.  The boys have already eaten half of my $22 worth of extra fruit.  At least it's healthy!

We did a lot of lounging around while people came and went throughout the pickup window...

We made a lot of music too....

We even made music while lounging...

Our music got interrupted by a sudden desire to dance...

It got too interesting for pictures after that.  Haha.  We were ready for nap time!  And nap the boys did--hello 2 1/2 hour nap!  I was able to get lots of work done on my class and the end is in sight.  Phew!

Last night my good friend Heather, a coworker from my teaching days, brought over dinner from Panera and we were able to catch up for a couple of hours with yummy food and a glass of wine.  I miss her and treasure our opportunities to get together.  I'm grateful she was able to tolerate the boys during "unhappy hour."  She's a true friend!

This morning kicked off bright and early with a trip to the library for the Family Place.  Boy, have we missed the library and Miss Lisa!  The boys had a BLAST!

It was quite a fiasco getting dressed this morning when they discovered this hand-me-down in the drawer and couldn't decide who was the lucky one who would get to wear it.  As you can see, Colton somehow won the battle.  Colton was very proud of himself for finding a Thomas toy to match his Thomas the Train shirt.

Mason has always resisted putting the bells on his ankles at music class but the technique has not gone unnoticed by him.  He stomped like nobody's business this morning with those bells on his ankles.   Miss Rabe would be proud!

After the family place, we hit up the gym. I am happy to report there were no tears with the transition into play care.  The boys just walked right in.  YAY!  I did my own version of the Best Body Fitness Boot Camp workout.  I still loathe those slow reps and decided I'd rather enjoy myself and used her exercises with my own rep and weight counts.  I enjoyed my version much more than hers!  Sorry, Tina!  I also spent some time on the elliptical and read...
It was a short easy read.  I read the whole thing in one workout.  It kept my attention and was a sweet story full of hope.

After the gym we hit up Walgreens for some floss and I ended up buying the boys some electric toothbrushes that were on sale.  They are a huge hit with the boys.  Thanks for the idea, Steph!  Brushing is much more enjoyable for all of us now.  They want to brush all day long!

I got to enjoy a little break today for a mani/pedi thanks to Groupon and my lovely friend, Deborah.  I wouldn't survive without great friends who help me out and give me breaks.  What a blessing!

My toes are soooo happy.  I reminded myself of why I don't typically get manicures though.  I already chipped the polish on my finger making dinner.  Dangit!

At least the food was excellent.  This recipe is a regular on our menu and it was yummy as always tonight along with some steamed broccoli...and a glass of wine since I had an open bottle from last night.  YUM!

We finished off our night with baths and a marathon book session.  I love that they boys love books!  We read every book in the box in their room.  For those of you that have been in their room, you know that's alot of books.  What a perfect ending to a fabulous day.  Bring on the weekend!

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