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Monday, January 14, 2013

Big Things Ahead

Yesterday at church, our pastor preached about transformations and the awesome ways in which God saves the best for last.  It was a captivating message that really hit home for me, the planner who wants to know what to expect at all times and wants things to happen according to my plan, rather than trusting in His plan.  In looking back on the last couple of years, it's obvious to see that God wants me to work on that area quite a bit.  He laid out the things that have to take place in order for miracles to happen...

  • Be obedient.  Don't argue.
  • Expect big things.
  • Be prepared to go through a process.  Radical transformations come in God's time.
  • Remember, the best is always in front of you.  Hello, HEAVEN!
Easier said than done, right?  But SOOO true when you look at all the examples from the Bible.  (He kept referencing the water into wine miracle from John.)  The place where we stop obeying, is the place where miracles stop happening.  His takeaway was this-- The same Jesus who changed water into wine is the same Jesus who can change you.  Look at all he's able to do that.  When you consider all the evidence of what he can do, there's no reason to doubt he can do big things for you too.  Time for me to start trusting Him more and being obedient to his plan.  He's got big things ahead.  SWEET!

After church, we ran a couple of errands, ate lunch,  and the boys took naps which allowed me a chance to lift some weights before it was time to join our friend Jack for his birthday celebration.  What a fun afternoon!  We even had time for a wagon walk before the sun went down.

Oh yeah, yesterday I also booked a little family vacay for later in the year.  Something to look forward to once our family is back to normal.  I already can't wait!

Today I was up with the sun, literally...

The sun has been particularly beautiful the last couple of mornings and nights.   Love it! 

Since I finished up my class over the weekend, I figured I better start studying something else important, the Bible!  This morning kicked off Good Morning Girl's study of Luke.  I'm looking forward to learning from it.

Yesterday we were able to track down one Thomas the Train t-shirt.  Since I refuse to match my boys' clothes, we're still on the lookout for one more Thomas shirt but Mason decided he wanted the monkey shirt with the basketball.  Since the only size they had was a 4T, it looks like he'll get plenty of wear out of it.  They were very proud of their new shirts this morning...

Don't they look like they should be waving from a parade float in the next picture?  I told them to wave to Daddy so we could send the picture to him.  Too cute! 

Our outing of the day took us to our Mom's Morning Out Play group.  It was my turn to work and I had fun hanging out with my boys and their friends.  What a blessing this little group has been for us!   It was interesting for me to see how possessive the boys are of me.  They didn't like me to hold any of the other kiddos.  You'd think they'd be used to sharing me.  Mason didn't want to leave this drum when it was time to go.  The kid loves his musical instruments.

Colton was attached to my hip, worried I was going to leave him behind I guess.  Poor kiddo!

3 hours of serious play time wears the boys out, so needless to say, they are getting in a good nap this afternoon.   So far I've been able to vacuum and skim the pool, exercise with some yoga, get the boys' dinner prepped, and now I'm blogging instead of cleaning the bathrooms.  They can wait til tomorrow.  What would I do the rest of the week if I got all the chores done today?  Haha!

Tonight I get to hang out with some of my mommy friends.  Can't wait!

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