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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday Randomness

A fun morning was had by all today.  I hit up the gym for me some weights and quick intervals on the elliptical.  A new trainer gave me some pointers on my bent over rows that made a huge difference for me, especially with my scoliosis.  Bonus!  While the boys were in play care, we found out they are not fans of paint on their hands for handprints...we'll have to work on that since just about every preschool in the world uses handprints for a craft.  Oh well!  There's plenty of time before they're off to preschool.

After the gym, we headed straight to the mall to meet some friends in the play area.  With all the rain we've been having, the playground was much too soggy today.  The boys love it there.

I was too busy chatting and chasing that I didn't bother to take any pictures besides this one.  It will have to do.  

I'm the boring mom who made her kids eat pretzels while they watched everyone else eat chicken nuggets because I had something healthier planned for them at home.  Poor guys!  Hopefully they'll thank me later.  I did splurge and get a lemonade from Chik Fil A.  I love that stuff and the boys apparently do too.  I wish I could have captured the faces they made while drinking it.  It might be the most sour stuff they've ever tried.   Too funny!

On our way home for lunch, we swung through Target for a quick purchase.  I'm regretting not adding these to my cart after the boys tried them on.

It will be St. Patrick's Day before we know it, folks.  

I'm going to try baked zucchini fries with dinner tonight.  I figure since they're able to be dipped in ketchup, the boys just might gobble them up with some leftover baked chicken.  These look yummy and kid friendly, right?

For dessert, I plan to enjoy more of this lovely bar...

...another find on my Trader Joe's trip last weekend.  I'm regretting not buying double of everything.  I can't wait til the store opens up in Palm Beach.  

Off to tackle the never-ending to-do list when I'd rather be reading more of this easy, but entertaining read...

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