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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Doozy of a Day

This morning was another doozy thanks to me still not feeling very good.  On the flip side, I do love an excuse to stay in my jammies drinking coffee for the entire morning.  Once we finally mustered up the energy to get dressed, the boys went all out with their accessories...

They're learning how to ham it up for the camera.  It's too cute!  And I've learned that if I ask them to hold hands, I can actually manage to get a picture of both of them at the same time.  I'm still working on mastering the skill of getting them both to smile at the same time...

I love how Mason ALWAYS puts his fire hat on backwards and even though Colton has dino boots that actually fit him, he is still obsessed with the giant frog ones.  To each their own... Sure does make me smile though.  

Here's something else that's been making me smile the last couple of days...

How gorgeous is that tulip?  You don't find flowers like those in Florida every day.  What a treat they've been!

Since we had lots of time on our hands this morning, I decided to try out this recipe for chickenless chicken nuggets at lunch time today.  I have lots of textured vegetable protein (tvp) from my vegan experiment and I had hoped this might be the perfect way to use it up and trick my boys into eating it.  HA!  No such luck.  They don't taste a bit like chicken nuggets.  They taste like straight up health food.  I'm glad I didn't make them in bulk.  I must say the dipping sauce is quite tasty though.  I might make that again one day.  

Now it's back to the drawing board for other ways to use up the TVP surplus.  I'm tempted to give the TVP oatmeal a whirl but I'm sort of afraid of that one too.  I'll have to try it out on a morning when I have time to default to a backup breakfast if needed.  I can't make it through the morning without that oh so important meal.

I'm off to detox my organs with some more yoga today followed up with some lovely tea.  I'm thinking a walk with the boys in some fresh air might be just what the doctor ordered after they wake up from their naps.  

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