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Saturday, January 19, 2013

30 Cups of Tea

You'd think we already paid our dues to the seasonal cold fairies last month but those darn viruses are up to their no good stuff again.  The boys have been fighting runny noses and sneezing all week and I finally fell victim to the sniffles last night.  NO FUN!  It's been a rough winter here at the Planker household, but from what I hear, that seems to be the trend with anyone who has toddlers in their household.  They're like little germ magnets it seems.  It's especially frustrating to get sick when you do everything in your power to avoid it -- eat healthily, exercise daily (I'm even back to running and got 3 short runs in this week...), get lots of fresh air and sunshine, drink lots of water, etc.; we do it all!

Now it's go time.  I think I've had at least 30 cups of tea today since that seems to be the only source of relief I can find for my scratchy throat.  Good thing Target had some yummy varieties on clearance...

They're both lovely and I was able to get each box for only $1 thanks to the clearance prices and some coupons from the Sunday paper.  SCORE!

In addition to my tea drinking, I got in some yoga today thanks to this little number I checked out from the library...

I liked the workout but could have done without some of the commentary.  She did point out, though, that twisting motions are good for detoxing.  I hope that calming workout detoxes this virus out of my body ASAP.

We also made some greek yogurt pancakes topped with blueberries for some extra antioxidants.  I figured the probiotics couldn't hurt us.  

And in my laziness, the boys and I may or may not have eaten this entire bag of pea snacks from Trader Joes...

I wasn't so ashamed of us once I looked at the nutriton facts and saw the stats.  3 servings -- 3 of us...not so embarrassing after all.  And quite tasty to boot.

I'm feeling like I could use some chicken and rice soup for dinner.   Now it's time to track down a recipe... something like this one.  Off to drink more tea and hope the boys keep napping for a REALLY long time.  

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