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Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Recap

Our weekend started off pretty well.  We took a walk in the gorgeous weather Friday night...

Colton insisted on bringing his "big spoon" and Mason decided to bring along a pinecone.  Whatever makes them happy...

We called it an early night, had kind of a rough night of sleep with coughing fits, were up super early as a result, and decided to hit the road bright and early for a "longish" run Saturday morning...

Love my running group!  

We hadn't done a long run since my training days before the half marathon.  I had hoped to cover 10 miles but settled for the 7.5 miles we covered before getting caught in the rain.  The boys thought the rain was great but I quickly tired of the judgmental looks we I seemed to be getting from the drivers as the passed me by so we called it a day.

We spent most of the rest of the day running a few errands and playing outside.

When they were getting dressed that morning, I told them Carson gave them their shirts for their birthday.  They then proceeded to point to their shirts and say "Carson" all day long.  Smart little boogers!

Boots go with everything, right?  Haha  They're addicted to those things.

The silliness continued that night after bath time.  They were pretty fired up so I let them stay up later than usual, figuring they'd sleep in later in the morning...

We love to rock out to "Row Row Row Your Boat--The Alligator version."  They love that jam.

Silly Colton!

Sweet Mason!

Other than runny noses, I thought we were in the clear but they kept me on my toes that night with a HORRIFIC night of sleep.  The poor guys were so congested, and Mason especially couldn't seem to get any rest since ever time he was finally able to fall asleep, a coughing fit would wake him again.   It was miserable!  We decided to quit trying to sleep and instead got up to snuggle on the couch and watch Elmo.  Those of you who know me, know that I must have been DESPERATE since I NEVER let the boys watch tv.

We made it to church but Mason wanted nothing to do with the nursery so I let him sit with me in church.  You know something's wrong when he will sit still in church.  After snuggling with him through the service and feeling his chest rattle with every breath he took, I decided it was time to take him to the dr.

After 2 hours of waiting at the Urgent Care clinic, we finally saw the doctor, who decided he needed amoxicillin.  Poor guys--his first prescription!   He spent most of the rest of the day like this...

...and Colton and I tried to play quietly...

It's tough to be quiet when you're wearing your dino boots in the house though.  It didn't seem to bother Mason one bit though.

He seems to be feeling much better today and thankfully all Colton has is a runny nose...still!  Hope it doesn't turn into anything more.

Mason working in the play kitchen.   

Colton and his new friend Elmo.  

We survived some play time this morning and they are taking AWESOME naps this afternoon.  Sometimes rest is the best medicine.

Obviously yesterday was a rest day from exercise since I had sick kiddos to deal with but I was able to squeeze in a tabata workout as part of the Best Body Fitness Boot Camp this afternoon.  Since I couldn't get outside for any cardio,  I decided to tackle today's upper body workout along with Wednesday's lower body workout.  I'll just squeeze in the sprints later in the week when we can make it to the gym.  I'm learning to be flexible...

Those tabata intervals were crazy--two exercises paired together, like pushups and bench presses for example, 20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds of rest in between, each exercise repeated 4 times, alternating back and forth between exercises.  It starts off feeling pretty easy but don't let it fool you.  It's a killer workout!  My arms are still shaking 1 hour after finishing up.  I needed that!

Oh...and before I forget.  I did make these yummy treats this weekend before the boys got sick.  I highly recommend them!  I substituted peanut butter for the almonds in the crust since I didn't have any almonds on hand.  It was still SUPER yummy.  

Thank goodness for neighbors who show up to keep you company at clinics, friends who drop of meds for your sick kiddos, friends who offer to help even if you don't accept it, and friends who force their help on you cause they know you're too proud to accept it.  Thanks for family who give you emotional support from afar as well.  You are all loved and appreciated.  I don't know what I'd do without you.  Sick days really do have a way of making you appreciate the healthy ones.  I thank God for my health and the ability to take care of my children.  I'll try not to take it for granted so much.

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