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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So Long Veganism...

I gave the vegan thing a fair shot, and I really wanted to be good at it and have it work for me, but things just aren't going my way and I don't think the lifestyle is for me.  I don't think I can take the gastrointestinal distress that it causes me any longer.  In trying to avoid soy, my protein options were extremely limited and I know I wasn't consuming enough protein most days of the week and was consuming WAY more than enough fiber.  I have been unable to find a healthy, happy balance.  For a fit gal like me, sacrificing protein long-term just isn't an option. It seems like the easiest way for me to not feel deprived, not have to eat completely different food from my family, and not feel gassy and bloated 24/7, is to return to eating clean.  I am planning to continue to minimize and, hopefully one day, eliminate dairy, as it just doesn't seem to agree with my stomach.  I also instist on consuming antibiotic-free and grass-fed meat sources whenever possible, eating red meat on a VERY occasional basis and seafood will have a regular appearance on my menu as well.  This is sounding very Paleo to me...maybe that will be my next adventure.  I love a good adventure/experiment.

My vegan experiment wasn't for naught, however.  I did find some products that I love and will definitely be continuing to use.  Here are my top 3...

This is the perfect butter substitute for me.  SOOOO yummy!

Love this replacement for half and half in my coffee.  

This is my favorite protein powder by far.  I use it almost daily, usually in smoothies.  It will allow me to continue on working to eliminate dairy, since whey protein in milk-derived.  I tried the warrior blend but returned to the traditional protein since I think it tastes much better. 

Enough diet talk...I know you're really here to find out about my kiddos, right?  Poor things are still sick but finally slept through the night and seem to finally be on the mend.  Thank goodness for all of our friends who have helped us out.  I think I would have lost my mind without all of you.  

We called today a sick day and hunkered down to hopefully kick this thing in the butt.  We started off our morning with a run to get some fresh air.  I needed it as much as the boys.  We could have done without the rain, but were able to find shelter as we waited it out.

Thanks to the rain there was no story time.  I swear it was a gift of god so that we could just stay home and rest.  He is good!

The boys stayed in their jammies extra long this morning...wearing their boots of course!

Colton still enjoys putting on the giant boots even though he has some that are his size.  I am starting to think he needs to join a support group, maybe something like boot-lovers annonymous?  

Instead of story time, we got in lots of coloring...

They seemed to think this pose was funny...monkey see monkey do, right?

They also played with some new toys from a wonderful friend...

All while breathing the healing vapors from this little miracle-worker an angel dropped off for us...

It's like a plug-in with vicks in it.  Even if your kids aren't sick now, get one so you're prepared when they do get sick.  It really is amazing!

While they boys napped, I baked and decorated my tree...

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. 

Pear bread, recipe thanks to Smitten Kitchen.  It's my favorite thing to make 
when I have an abundance of pears from my organic produce.  

Being the lazy person that I am, rather than get down the Christmas decorations, I made my own ornaments out of starfish and ribbon.  No sentimental value = no big deal if the boys decide to play with them = winner for me!

Here's to hoping we get another good night of sleep and the boys feel a million times better tomorrow morning.  

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