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Thursday, December 6, 2012

...Still In The Sick House

We are definitely on the mend here, but still can't seem to shake this crazy cold.  To keep things interesting, my body decided to get in on the action so I'm fighting the bug myself now too.  It was bound to happen sooner or later so hopefully we're paying our dues now and getting all our colds out of the well in one fell swoop.

We've come up with some pretty creative ways to entertain ourselves.  The boys and I did some decorating today...

I made a Christmas tree and the boys drew some lovely designs on the cabinets.  Gotta love the magic eraser!  I got the Christmas tree idea from a magazine and it seriously only took me about 10 minutes.  It's just a matter of folding each page.  Cute, huh?

Today's produce delivery got here earlier than normal so at least we were able to get that out of the way by noon.  Love when that happens!  I'm very intrigued by the sunchokes, also called Jerusalem artichokes,  I received in my share today.  

They look kind of like a knobby potato and even a bit like ginger.  I think I'll try them out using my tried and true method---roasting!  Shocker!  Don't they look yummy here on the Kitchn blog?  

I'm a bit afraid of them after reading the comments on that blog though...sounds like they give people alot of GI issues.  Maybe I'll try just a bite the first time...I'll keep you posted, unless that's too much information.  Haha

I'm not sure it's in my best interest to work out today since I'm feeling pretty crummy, but I think a little walk for some fresh air might be just what the doctor ordered once the boys are up from their naps.  

To keep the excitement for today going, I'm off to steam clean the floors.  No more dirty feet for this family...

I'll leave you with a video of my cuties from last night.  Love the little chatterboxes!

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