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Thursday, December 13, 2012

I See Fun in My Future

We're still in REST UP AND GET WELL mode over here which meant our evening was pretty uneventful.  I didn't even make anything fun for dinner; we just ate leftovers.  BORING!  We did get to have an impromptu play date which was pretty cool, though!  Once the boys were in bed, I snuggled up on the couch to watch...

I've always been a fan of Jack Black and think Matthew Mc Conaughey is pretty darn hot so I added it to my Netflix queue but had kind of forgotten about it until it came in the mail.   What a funny movie!  If you like dark comedy, I highly recommend it!  SOOOO funny!

The boys didn't give me the luxury of sleeping in this morning.  Bummer!  On the flip side, we were able to make it to the gym for a little cardio on the elliptical before the produce truck arrived.  Bonus!  I lasted about 45 minutes before feeling like it was a good idea to call it a day.  I'm still not feeling 100%. So frustrating!

Mason decided he wanted to push the stroller out of the gym.  He did a pretty good job until this point, where he got distracted by the robot stickers and started heading straight for the wall.

Their vocabulary is really coming along.  Mason kept saying "I push it! I push it!"  Their other favorite phrases are "I work" and "I build."  They love their tools.  100% boy!!

One of the most exciting things in our produce share today is the brussels sprouts.  I'm hoping to get the rest of the ingredients to try out this recipe which showed up on my blogroll thanks to Diva-Dish today.  How timely!

I always just roast my brussels sprouts--big surprise there-- but what's not to love about walnuts cranberries, garlic, shallots, and maple syrup with them.  YUMMY!

I'm hoping to squeeze in a little bracelet-making and a 15 minute Jackie Warner lower body workout while the boys nap.  

It's no Best Body Bootcamp but I'm still not back to my fighting strength so this will have to do.  Speaking of Best Body Bootcamp, Tina has opened up registration for the next round which begins January 7.  Who's with me?

We finally have some cooler weather, too, so I'm hoping to get the boys outside for a little fresh air tonight.  Exciting times over here in Plankerville.  We've got an exciting guest coming tomorrow.  I see some fun in my future.  Can't wait!  

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