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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Running = Therapy

After fitful nights of sleep the past few days, this morning was a little rocky.  I started off feeling like Alexander from this must-read children's book...

I'll spare you all the pathetic details, but just know that things weren't going my way AT ALL.  And when my printer decided not to work, it was the icing on the cake as I morphed into wanting to be the electronics-beating character in Office Space.  (If this reference is lost on you, you MUST add Office Space to you Neflix queue NOW!)

I felt sorry for myself for a while and then decided to do what always seems to help me sort out my frustrations--I loaded up the boys and hit the road for a run.  It was the PERFECT therapy.

Running has a funny way of helping me to sort out my thoughts and get a little perspective on things.  I ended my 6+ mile run with a much better outlook on my life.  I have FANTASTIC kids and a husband I ADORE and am SO PROUD of.  I live in a FABULOUS town and have AMAZING, SUPPORTIVE friends.  I am well-fed, have a roof over my head, and had some very fulfilling small side jobs that are ideal fits for this stage of my life.  LIFE IS GOOD!  Nothing like a good sweat session to help me remember that.

Today turned out to be pretty fantastic after all and I'm so glad I didn't let this morning define the rest of the day.   I helped distribute delicious organic produce to 15 people.  I got to tutor the most amazing, sweet girl I've ever met.  I enjoyed loads of books and puzzles with my boys.  I chatted with friends as our kiddos played together.   AND I got to grab a glass of wine and dinner with some girlfriends but still got home in time to tuck my sweet boys into bed.  AND tomorrow I get to pick up my Christmas tree so I'll get to do a little twin-toddler-friendly decorating this weekend.

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