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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting Things Done

I had a million things on my to-do list yesterday and actually got all of them done...except blogging.  I can't remember the last time I stayed up til 11 just so I could get things done.  Usually I'm over it by the time I put the boys to bed and call it a night shortly after they do.  It felt good to be productive but I'm glad the only major things on the to-do list today are Laundry and Produce.  I love produce day!  I'm especially excited for all the Thanksgiving goodies that are coming next week.   Organic cranberries--score!  We're supposed to be getting the BEST POTATOES EVER, buttercream fingerling potatoes, today.  Good think because one of  Mickey's favorite foods is potatoes.  I even switched my share so he could have them.  I see mashed potatoes in his very near future!

Before I tackled my to-do list, I did enjoy 2 lovely cups of this yummy coffee.  I highly recommend it...

It probably tasted especially yummy because it was BOGO at Publix and I had two coupons so I got each bag for $2.50.  Gotta love Publix and their wonderful coupon policies and sales.  

While I was busy getting things done yesterday, this is what my boys discovered...

They have just discovered how to make silly faces on windows and were really cracking each other up yesterday.  I love when they get the giggles like that.  It reminds me to stop and enjoy the moment as well.

We had a million errands to run including a stop at PetSmart for cat food.  No trip to PetSmart is complete without checking out the current rodents for sale...

Have you ever seen one with such geometric shading.  Crazy stuff!  It looked like he had been stamped. 

This was the boys' favorite.  He was VERY interactive...and actually kind of cute but still a rodent, nonetheless, and therefor never allowed in my house.  I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to convince the boys that we are not a pet family...

They LOVE every animal they meet and make it their mission to learn the sound that every animal makes.  I'm amazed by how much they already know about animals.  The animal sound of the week is "ribbit ribbit."  LOVE!

We also swung through BJs for some goodies and Mason spotted these lovely boots which he had to try on.  I think we might have to go back and get them.  We are traveling to the midwest this winter and need something besides flip flops to put on our feet, especially if it snows which I hope it does.  He'll fit right in with these boots...

The crazy thing is, if I buy them, I'm pretty sure he will actually wear them.  In fact, he'd probably never want to take them off.  They love shoes.

We also squeezed in a trip to the mall for a MOPS playdate in the food court.  That play area really is great.   All the kids had a blast.  My boys took a 3 hour nap after all that running around.  I hope everyone else's kids did too.  

The boys let me squeeze in some cardio at the gym too right before dinner time.  I had wanted to go for a run but the weather just wasn't cooperating so the elliptical became my workout instead.  I started our new book club book, which was my choice, and I am LOVING it so far.  We're reading The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver.  

I know it's not her latest, but I hadn't read it yet and love her other stuff so wanted to check this one out as well.  I hope it continues to be great and everyone loves it as much as I am so far.

The busy day left me with little energy to object when Colton wanted to wear his boots to bed, so rather than fight him, I gave in and now have one of my favorite pictures of him so far.  Like my friend Dana said, "choose your battles."  It just wasn't worth fighting him on it and I'm so glad I didn't.  Look how cute he is...

 ...and he fell asleep reading his books.   I hope they never lose their love of books.  We read every chance we get.   I love this quote that just happened to be on Macaroni Kid (which is a great resource for finding things to do with your kids, by the way) this morning.  Says the reading teacher..."Read to your kids as much as you can!"

 ...and don't forget to make time for play too.  You won't regret it!

(I couldn't show you that cute photo of Colton without showing off Mason's block building skills as well.  He's really getting the hang of stacking.