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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Yesterday afternoon, the boys and I competed in the Beach2Bar5k.  It has become an annual tradition for us, 2 years in the running for the boys and I so far... If you're local, I HIGHLY recommend you check out this race next year.  You won't be sorry.

Thanks, Steve, for the photo.
I had considered not running this year, but once I saw the addition of the stroller division, I knew I had to make a showing.  Running with that stroller is getting tougher and tougher as the boys continue to grow, and I've tended to shy away from running the bridges lately, but there was no way around them in this race.  Those babies are killer when you're pushing over 100 pounds of stroller.  All that hard work sure did make the beer at the end taste that much sweeter, though.  And...I am happy to report that I took first place in the stroller division.  My time was a slow 25 minutes 17 seconds, but all things considered...bridges, stroller, a VERY CRANKY Mason...I'm happy with my time.

To celebrate, we ate pizza, stayed up later than normal, and slept in this morning.  Nice!  We've had a pretty lazy day again today other than running a couple of errands.  

The boys are moving up in the world and are finally big enough to enjoy this fine shopping cart.  It was a JOY to push...actually, it was much better than telling the boys to sit down every 5 seconds.  They just need to improve the steering capabilities of that limo.  

It's my week for snacks at MOPS so I busted out some cookies and chocolate covered pretzels to share with everyone on Wednesday.  

They're still drying so all those drizzles will look a bit better once they're lifted off the waxed paper.  

Vegan molasses cookies--just substituted coconut butter for the butter and a flax egg for the eggs.  YUM!   

I also made a big pot of pumpkin soup.  I made this recipe on Thanksgiving and loved it so much I decided it was time for more...and I had a pumpkin just begging for something to be done with it.  I think I'll be eating pumpkin soup all week...good thing it's yummy!  Nothing like keeping busy in the escape from reality a bit...

The boys are stirring so it's time to load up the stroller and hit the road for a nice, easy recovery run.  It's too gorgeous outside to resist getting out on the pavement. 

Happy Sunday!

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