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Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Fun-Filled Day

This morning the boys slept in a bit, which allowed me some time to enjoy my coffee and catch up on some reading.  Once they were awake, it was time to hit the road to get in a run in this gorgeous weather.  I set out without a plan, but just wanted to let my energy levels guide me.  I ended up covering 10 nice, easy miles.  It felt glorious!

My boys even got to "bundle up" for the ride, since we set out when the temps were in the 50s.  They thought their socks were so silly.  They are true Florida boys!

After we got cleaned up from our run, we met Sheryl for some coffee at Blue Door.  The boys loved roaming the courtyard and were especially cute sitting in the BIG chairs.

Big Boys


Our next stop was a friend's birthday party.  I didn't snap any pictures but the boys sure did have a good time trying out her bicycle and her other new and exciting toys.  I sipped on a Corona with some fellow adults and enjoyed the beautiful day.  I can't remember the last time I had a Corona.  It was YUMMY!

Our last stop of the day was to the only store in the mall we seem to visit...Old Navy.  I got the boys some new long sleeved shirts and socks for this cooler weather.  I might have also gotten myself a new pair of shorts.  Good think I had a $30 off coupon!

The boys and I inhaled some broccoli pesto on pasta (the 3 of us have eaten 2 heads of broccoli in the last 2 days) before baths and bed.  Now it's time to relax with a movie and enjoy the fact that we get to fall back an hour tonight.  

Hope this is entertaining enough to keep me up tonight...

Enjoy your extra hour of sleep.  An extra hour of sleep tonight and a rest day tomorrow...nice!

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