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Friday, November 2, 2012

Back To Reality

What a day yesterday was! It was a crazy kind of produce day and I had to say goodbye to my sister in the midst of it all.  I can't even put into words how helpful and wonderful she was to have around.  It's such a wonderful thing to be able to call your sister your best friend.  I love her!  Things did start to get better after all the produce was picked up and the missing items were documented.   I got tot tutor one of my favorite students and then I hit the road for my tried and true stress-reliever, a run.  The weather was glorious and I returned home after 5.5 miles feeling much better about life.  The boys and I ate dinner and played before I put them to bed.  Then my friend came over to give me some highlights.  She ended up using two tones and I love the variation--so natural.  Thanks, Heather!  It was great to catch up.

I was so glad to be able to start fresh today.  We kicked off our morning by lazily sleeping in til 7:30.  I love going in to get these boys in the morning...




For breakfast, we enjoyed some homemade apple butter on english muffins...

...with a side of scrambled eggs before heading off to the library for some fun.  I forgot my camera...woops!  We had a blast, as usual, at the Family Place.  It was a small, intimate group this morning.  I love being able play with my kids, and watch them play with the other children, while chatting with the other moms.

After the library and a couple of errands, the boys let me squeeze in a workout which included two workouts from Tina's Best Body Bootcamp (I had to catch up from last week where I was focused on the race) along with some sprint intervals on the elliptical.  The exercises on the Bosu ball never seem to disappoint.  Tina's workouts have been a great way to shake up my exercise routine.  I missed my workout buddy though :-)

My 20 minutes on the elliptical looked like this:

  • First 5 minutes: warmup
  • Alternate 1 minute sprints with 30 second recoveries (6 times)
  • Alternate 1 1/2 minute sprints with 30 second recoveries (2 times)
  • 2 minute cooldown

I made myself a quick protein smoothie to replenish my body after my workout while the boys ate their lunch.  Then I started snacking on these little gems my sister left behind...

I guess I'm a bad mom because I was letting my 19 month olds enjoy them along with me...and it's not the first time I've share nuts with them.  Check out this warning I noticed on the bag...


Speaking of things I've discovered, I got this sample in my Target beauty samples bag and am now on a mission to buy some.  I love this stuff.  

It's a "flawless beauty primer" and I feel like it really gives my face a fresh look and it feels nice going on too.  I am such a minimalist when it comes to makeup and I love stuff like this to just brighten up my look a bit.

The rest of my quiet time is dedicated to laundry, studying, and sipping on some tea.  When the boys wake up, we are definitely going to get our butts outside to enjoy this gorgeous day.  Dinner is just leftovers so we can soak up as much fresh air as possible until we get hungry.  Maybe we'll even eat outside :-)  Have a fabulous Friday!

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