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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We've Been Booed

What a busy, fun morning!  The boys let me sleep in until 7:15 this morning.  They owed me after Sunday night's shenanigans.  It was a real treat to come home to two sleeping boys after my parenting workshop with Ginny Luther last night.  Thanks, Maura!  If you haven't checked out Ginny Luther yet, I highly recommend her workshops.  She has a real gift!

With a good night's sleep behind me, I was much more ready to tackle today.  Our first stop was Story Time at Coffee Bar Blue Door.  Today I decided to read these books to the kiddos...

Yep,  I'm still on my Karma Wilson kick.  Her books are great!  It's finally starting to cool off a bit out there and we weren't sweating to death in the courtyard.  Cooler weather = Much more comfortable outdoor story time.

After a quick chat with some friends, it was time to head to our first music class of the fall semester.  Ms. Rabe is AWESOME!  I am so glad we decided to sign up for her classes this fall.  I think it's funny how the boys are a little more reserved at class but then come home and do lots of the things she tried to get them to do in class.  Her lessons are not lost on them!

We came home to find a very cool surprise on our front porch...

What a cool idea, huh?  Now the pressure is on to pass it along to another neighbor in the next two days.  Yikes!  Guess a trip to the store is in our future.  Thanks to the friendly neighbor who left this great treat for my kiddos.  They are already carrying the snakes all around saying "ssssss."  Those boys know their animal sounds!

If you want to find the info on this little BOOED activity, it can be found here.  It would be fun to know it's happening in lots of neighborhoods.

In fitness news, I'm scheduled for a 45 minute run today but I've got a little nagging spot on my ankle that I don't want to aggravate any more with only 12 days til my half marathon so I'm hoping to sub in a  spin class to let it rest a bit without sacrificing my workout.  I'm trying to do a good job of listening to my body and treating it with kindness.  Here's to hoping the boys will let me spend an hour in spin class later today...

Off to tackle the rest of my never-ending to do list while my kiddos nap.

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