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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Savings Galore

After a VERY hectic day yesterday, I was quite happy to be able to make it to an evening spin class.  I hadn't taken a class in over a year and it was great to be back in the saddle, literally, again.  My ankle was feeling better this morning so I decided to give my 45 minute tempo run that was scheduled for yesterday a shot this morning.  Success!  

It wasn't my fastest tempo run but it was a good one, nonetheless.  It even included a bridge, which is extra challenging with that heavy stroller.  Thank goodness for the cooler weather which made it a bit more enjoyable as well.  I'm really hoping all this hard work pays off with a PR next weekend.  Then, it's back to my relaxed, enjoyable runs again.  Can't wait!  I think I'll be finding time for more spin classes as well.
Once we got cleaned up and presentable for the day, it was time to head to MOPS.  I was especially interested in the topic for today, "Bringing Sexy Back After Baby."  She had some really great ideas and valid points to be made, such as "You're the sexiest woman in the room every time you're in the bedroom with your husband."  I liked her suggestion to make a list of 10 things you like having done for you that let you know you're loved and thought about, and then to your husband do the same.  Trade lists and make it a point to do at least 3 of the things on the list for your spouse each week.  They have to be easy, repeatable acts such as getting take-out so you don't have to cook, getting flowers, being treated to a pedicure, or having you coffee delivered to you in bed while your spouse gets the kids up.  She also reminded us to keep flirting with our spouses along with a million other valuable tips.  I'm so glad I went today!  If you're not a member of MOPS and would like to be, let me know and I'll bring you along with me.  You won't regret it!

After MOPS, it was time to hit the mall for Old Navy's Stuff N Save sale.  I am NOT a shopper but I do indulge in old navy's big 40% off sales when they roll around.  My plan was to stock up on shorts for the boys but since there were maybe 4 pairs on the racks and none of them were what I was looking for, we settled for dino shirts that the boys literally growled for...

...and fancy new shirts for Christmas...

They were regularly $20 but at 40% off and including a tie, I decided to splurge a bit for my little men.  They're going to look SO cute on Christmas.

I might have gotten some staples for myself as well...

...and I also got some gifts for my mom and sister whose birthdays are coming up.  I felt pretty good about my purchases when I saw this lovely number on my receipt...

...especially when everything I bought, except for the boys' fancy shirts was already on clearance.  Double savings are definitely my style.  I got 20 items for $76.  Less than $4 an item...holla!

Now it's time to finish up some chores around the house and spend some quality time with the boys before I get to go to Book Club tonight.  After last night's spaghetti clean-up, I think I'll be sticking with cleaner finger-foods tonight to avoid a repeat...

That spaghetti face sure is cute though, isn't it?  Thank goodness for bath tubs! 

Make it a great day...don't neglect your spouse! :-)  


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